House-Warming Meet & Greet!

Welcome!  Come on in…Grab a drink , make yourself at home and mingle till your hearts content.  This party will be rocking all weekend!

Rules are simple….

  1. ALL Bloggers are welcome!
  2. Leave a link to your blog in the comment section with as much info as you want to share. (Social Media links too if you’d like)
  3. If you think your readers would enjoy sharing their links, please re-blog to let them know they are invited!  Share on social media too if it suits your fancy! The more the merrier.
  4. Check out the links left by others.  I’ve met some of my favorite bloggers at meet and greets.
  5. HAVE FUN!

If you would like to know more about Flying Through Water, CLICK HERE: Welcome To Flying Through Water

I’d love it if you were to give my new little blog a follow if it feels like a good a fit for you!

Now let’s party!!



169 thoughts on “House-Warming Meet & Greet!

  1. Hi Nikki
    I’ve arrived a bit late to your party – still I’ve brought some wine to help with the hangover 😉

    Thanks for the invitation to share our own blogs – such a lovely, generous idea.

    Mine is – “reflecting on life and memory, purpose and dreams” – started out as prose – thoughts about life etc but now mostly poetry. My poetry has always helped me process what I’m feeling and thinking, but since starting my blog I’ve also been exploring my connection to the natural world.
    Photographs accompany many poems – and soon I hope to make more of a category focused on photography.

    Based in New Zealand, I love the connection to the rest of the world that blogging gives me. Discovering so many interesting people is a real joy and a treasure.

    Good luck with your new adventure 🙂

    PS: really working on flapping my wings – think writing is my water.

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  2. Hi Nikki,
    I started blogging in January. I was not sure what I would blog about so things started out rather slow and unfocused. I did know that I wanted to create a place that people could come and find comfort and encouragement. So after several redesigns and name changes, we settled in on our mission and vision. The Light Breaks Through. It is a blog where will be challenged, entertained, and encouraged. During the summer I was challenged by the racial tensions I saw affecting the very fabric of our nation so I created a series of posts on dealing with race in America. You can find that under the heading of Caught Between two Worlds. I invite you to check out the blog. I think you will find it very interesting.


  3. Hello! Here,to share my gratitude for this Meet And Greet, as well as my website, My blog is about life and my journey to financial freedom (debt free as of 08/15), to my 70 pound weight loss (after many attempts and the realization that weight loss is more mental than anything else), and to life after a divorce, which became a vehicle of success for me!


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