Welcome to Flying Through Water!


Hello! My name is Nikki. You may recognize me from A Kinder Way. I’m so excited to share my new blog with you and I really hope that in time you will feel as comfortable here as you did there.  ❤

I’m betting some of you may be wondering what the heck Flying Through Water means.

Well, I’ll tell you…(stick with me here):

Penguins have little stubby legs. So short that they have to waddle about.  As we all know…they march hundreds of miles on those little buggers. They do the best they can with what they have.  They also have wings, but they can’t fly. Why? Because their little wings are stubby too.

But here’s the thing…here’s the magic.  Put that same waddling-no flying-penguin in the water and she SOARS!  Watching a penguin swim is like watching her fly through water. THIS is where that little one excels.  She makes due in some areas using sheer determination…because that’s life…but she has found her place to shine.

Flying Through Water is a reminder that we all have greatness inside us. We just have to find it.  The goal of this blog is to challenge ME…and YOU to shake things up….break free of our comfort zones and LIVE our lives to fullest.

Through  Self-Help, Motivation, Challenges, Support, Encouragement and Fun, I hope to build a community of penguins! And I hope you’re one of them!

Thanks for Reading~



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