Check Your Spam Folder.


Tonight while trying to comment on some blogs I noticed that only about half of them were going through. When this happened before with A Kinder Way my comments were ending up in bloggers SPAM folder. 😦 Tomorrow morning I will send an email to Akismet and see if they can help. Until this gets straightened out…you may find me in your SPAM folder.

Do you know how to check your SPAM folder?

You have to go to your Dashboard…a place many of us don’t know exists till we are told about it. If you blog on WordPress you have a Dashboard. To find it type in your URL for your blog and add


for example:

Once you’re there scroll down the left hand side and look for comments. Β Click it.

Across the top you’ll see

All. Pending. Approved. Spam. Trash

Click on SPAM.

If you find a comment that is not spam….just click the not spam button and then you have to go over to pending and approve it. πŸ™‚

I check mine every couple of days because for some strange reason there tends to be a real comment in there often.

If my comments are showing up…YAY…and if you do find me in your spam folder…please let me know so I can pass the info on to Akismet.

Thanks so much and fingers crossed they can fix the issue again.


21 thoughts on “Check Your Spam Folder.

  1. Funnily enough I checked mine yesterday. None were from you, but there were nine from someone I’d never come across before, using a reply to comments to promote their own blog, with a link included. I felt used! All were deleted.

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          1. Sounds very odd to me. Do you have your own domain or just standard WordPress? Just wondering if that might make any difference. It shouldn’t, but something isn’t quite right. The only other thing I can think of is that the blogs you haven’t been able to post on have something strange in their comments settings.


          2. This happened with A Kinder Way and that was the free WP version. Now I have the lowest level paid WP version because they changed the rule about allowing your own URL on the free version. So it’s just WP. With A Kinder Way it happened twice and the last time they said they fixed it…but never said what it was. This time they again…are saying there is no reason for my comments to be going to spam…but they are. It seems that once someone takes me out of SPAM i stay out…and as for the blogs that are not putting me there in the first place…like yours…it again makes no sense. No rhyme or reason.

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          3. It’s crazy! No logic to that whatsoever. It doesn’t sound as though the helpline is much use either. Fingers crossed it gets better for you – that’s probably about as much use as anything WP have told you!

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  2. Yep, there you were again Nikki. I’ve now unspammed you.
    I’m all too familiar with those spam gremlins unfortunately. I’ve had all sorts of issues on my blog lately. Spam/broken pages and pinbacks, posts off the Reader for a while! Akismet have been really good to me however so hopefully you’ll get it all sorted soon. xo


      1. Mostly but I have to admit I’ve muddled through a lot of it myself. Some of my posts are still not appearing in the Reader and a lot of my comments aren’t being acknowledged so I’m not sure if they’re getting through. Yes, I agree, frustrating.


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