Something Old…Something New!


I’ve had several people ask me what the changes from A Kinder Way to Flying Through Water will look like. What will I be blogging about. What will happen to A Kinder Way?

Here’s the deal….

  • I’ll be using the same format and schedule.
  • Quotes each morning…but instead of a Kind Thought Of The Day…they will be more varied in subject matter.
  • Post of Note each Wednesday
  • For the time being AKW will still be open, but new content will not be added.

The only REAL changes are my name and broader topics.  Kindness will always be a running theme through everything I do in my life. I still value it above all.

This blog is going to look very much like AKW.  I hope that you will re-follow and give it a chance. ❤

More on the change here: Welcome to Flying Through Water


Thanks for Reading~



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