What Have You Learned Lately?


I love to learn. I’m ridiculously curious and can get lost in learning about something I’m interested in.  I get sort of swept up in it all, one thing leading to another.  There is no reason to ever stop learning and I for one think it keeps us young! Currently, I’m learning grammar/punctuation. Yup, you read that right. I’m a 40 something year old woman who never really understood the rules of gammar so I’m doing something about it now.

I have a love hate relationship with commas. I LOVE to use them, but I hate the fact that I honestly am never sure if I should be using them. 😉

I write like I talk.  To me, (should it be there? I don’t know!!) I think that I should use a comma every time I pause.

My son, who get this….was homeschooled BY ME…until the 7th grade is a grammar rock star. Don’t ask me.  I guess that answer key is what saved us.  😉



I’m one of those people that thinks things either click or they don’t. If they do, you just get something. If they don’t…you have to work at it.

So I am taking a grammar class online at Khan Academy. I haven’t made it to commas yet…obviously, ( 🙂 ) but they are a part of the course.  Hopefully this class will be enough to set me straight on the comma front and maybe even help with some other issues….Affect/Effect anyone?  Don’t waste your time trying to explain any of this to me in the comments.  My son has tried more times than we can count and it has had no effect, affect, effect, affect…..on my ability to know the difference.

So what have you learned lately? (And how many of you counted my errors in this one post? HA!)

Thanks for reading~


12 thoughts on “What Have You Learned Lately?

  1. Ha ha I love this, Nikki! Good for you.
    I know someone at my spiritual org who is a master at punctuation. It amazes me. Let’s see what have I learned. Well, I learned that I am ready to go back to LA – I keep taking the next step and learning a lot each step of the way. 😊 (I also learned snickers is not the greatest for me to eat he he) Blessings, Nikki!

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  2. Whoah Nikki, good for you. I didn’t count any comma errors, but I just read your post like you were talking to me, not as an English teacher. 😊
    Love this post and you’re right. We’re never too old to learn. I’m thinking of taking up a short photography course. Most of my photos are just aim and shoot so I’d love to get a bit more in depth. Enjoy your comma course! 😊


  3. I love that you write like you talk, but maybe it’s because I love how you talk. I think I know how to use effect and affect until I’m put on the spot. Still smiling from reading your post ❤

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  4. Great job on the commas on this post Nikki! 😊 This is nice…It’s really never too late to learn something new. I’m thinking of getting a more advanced lessons in guitar or drums. I’m super into music when I was younger and now I’m 30-ish but I still love music just as much as I love writing! 😉


  5. This week I learned to trust in my abilities and to ask for something I hadn’t had the courage to do before. I also can’t spot any punctuation errors in your lovely lighthearted post. Go you with the grammar and all.


  6. I loved you post because it made me laugh thinking about how verbal I am but how lacking I was in punctuation and grammar. I used to try and outwit grammar Nazis on facebook because I was a sore loser so I would get into these corny ego battles and now I have outgrown that and chose to face my demons and learn….One of my favorite inspirations was Malcolm X because he knew he was going up against a culture and language that he had to study so that nobody could shut him down.


  7. Oh, you do, you know, make me laugh!!!!!!!! You love commas, I love !!!!!!!!! Back in the old MD days, I had a group of people harassing me at one time and one of the things they flamed me about were my over use of the !!!!!! hahahahaha! Seriously!!!! Is there such a thing as over using the !!!!!!!!! I don’t think so!!!!!! Like they could come up with nothing meaner to say about me than my so-called over use of the !!!!!!!!! 🙂


  8. I remember learning to use commas as a place where you would take a breath when speaking. I probably overuse them, but try not to underuse them! LOL. I recently had to check the difference between “farther” and “further” to be sure that I was using the proper one. 🙂


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