The Night My Heart Was Stolen By Gilligan.


Today is a special sort of anniversary for me and my husband.  Care to take a walk down memory lane with me? Many years ago I went to a Halloween party with my best friend at the time. The party was at her parents house. Her brother brought his best friend, a guy named Steve. I’d seen him a couple of times in passing , but we had never really talked.

I’m not into Halloween….the dressing up bugs me so I just tagged on to the costumes my friend her husband were wearing. They went as a trashy couple…I went as their kid. I dressed up in pink jammies. (I was SO comfortable!) Steve always loved the dressing up part and came as Gilligan.


He was much cuter though. 😉

The party was fun, but at some point he and I ended up sitting at the breakfast bar talking and doing shots of tequila. The party ended with me putting a very intoxicated Gilligan to bed and going home.

The next morning I was talking to my friend about the party. She said something about how funny it was when ‘people started line dancing’

I said ‘People were line dancing?’

She went on to explain that Steve and I must have been to engrossed  in each other to notice. I laughed it off said something about ‘yeah right’ and moved on.

Later that day we had all gotten together to watch football. Everyone was sitting around the room and someone said something about how funny it was when people started line dancing.

Steve said….’People were line dancing?’

My friend almost choked on a cracker! 😉

That was the beginning of the story of us. We were pretty much inseparable from then on.  We started living together in January and were married soon after. (yes people thought we were crazy…jokes on them)

Untitled - 1.png

Now we’ve been together over 20 years….raised our son….moved around….shared the highest highs and lowest lows….fought like crazy…laughed even more….been through moments you never want to go through and  moments you never want to forget…but most importantly, we’ve loved each other every step of the way.

And it all started that night Gilligan stole my heart.

(Steve also gave up Tequila…and I’ve never let him forget that I drank him under the table.)

Thanks for reading~


27 thoughts on “The Night My Heart Was Stolen By Gilligan.

  1. Love this Nikki. Now I know why I resonate with you and Steve so much … I used to watch Gilligan’s Island too, love dancing and music and many years ago I went to a dress up party in my PJs too! Uncanny really. 😊 Thanks for sharing your memories and happy anniversary to you both. xo 🍷

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  2. Oh, Nikki I love this! Firstly, I love Gilligan. Secondly, I love that you two found each other, and that you are so full of love for one another. Sending you and Steve so many blessings – may you both continue to bring each other joy. What a beautiful post.

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  3. I’ve known you how many years and this is the first time I’ve heard your love story. How is that possible? lol! But sincerely, that is a GREAT love story and I would expect nothing less than this from you guys. You just had to meet like this. So sweet and it’s easy to see you belong together!!! Happy anniversary Nikki & Steve!


  4. I didn’t know Halloween could be so romantic! hehe 🙂 Such a lovely story.
    It’s true when you’ve got your eyes fixed to that one person, you forget the world around you!
    You and Steve are really meant for each other 🙂 Happy Anniversary to the both of you and many more years to come!

    P.S. I like your dramatic picture… Looks like both of you are camera shy, hiding your faces eh’? hehehe


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