The One Where Friends Said It Best.


I LOVE the tv show Friends. I watch it every single night before falling asleep. I’ve watched the entire series so many times that it would be impossible to know the exact count. And today, while thinking about this post I realized that one little moment in Season 1 captured my feelings to a tee. You see…In the simple words of Ms. Phoebe Buffay, I feel floopy.



Call it what you like…in a funk……uncertain….scattered…..or floopy.

It all means the same thing.

My focus was gone. I could blame it on the cold. I used to be the girl that hated Summer. Give me a crisp or even white New England Fall and I was happy. But the longer I live in Texas the more I hate the cold.  Thing is…I hate the Summer heat here too. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just a PITA.  I just know that being cold makes me want to hibernate.

I haven’t been…



Practicing Yoga or Meditation


or any other productive thing.

I have been….

Binge watching The Walking Dead (Twice. First with my son and then with Steve. For those of you counting, that’s roughly 122 hours of The Walking Dead. Or 5 full days. Should I be embarrassed? Maybe. But I’m not. 😉

Crocheting (While watching The Walking Dead)

Christmas Shopping. (All Done!!)

Staring out the window

Watching Vivi sleep


Hibernating in my bed with a heating pad and coffee.

Today I took a long hard look in mirror and said….Nikki, it’s time to un-floopy yourself.

So I meditated. Read a bit.  Watched 2 episodes of The Gilmore Girls (one can not rush the un-flooping) and wrote this post.

In the past feeling this way would have left me riddled with guilt for wasting time.  But now I look at it as a way to learn, grow and find my way again.

We ALL need to allow some floopy time in our lives. Those moments of confusion or lack of direction, even uncertainty about what we’re doing or where we’re going. There is nothing wrong with pulling back into ourselves and re-grouping.

Feeling floopy can be a gift. Take that time to breathe, relax and then jump back into life.


What do you do to un-floopify?





29 thoughts on “The One Where Friends Said It Best.

  1. I looooove Phoebe! And it seems like this floopy thing has taken over WP in general, because I’ve been writing quite a few messages trying to encourage people through their floopy moment… Being quite floopy myself.

    I hope we all get our energy and unfloopy ways back soon 😉

    Have a great Thursday Nikki 🙂 xx

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  2. Ahh Friends. It will always be relevant. I think I’m going to start using floopy.

    Sorry to hear you’ve been unproductive. I think we all get into unproductive slumps every now and then. Glad you’re back! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Jade. I think there is a Friends episode or arc or line that fits just about every real life scenario. I know the show like the back of my hand so I can be a bit annoying to be around with all my quotes. Sometimes I find myself giggling to myself about how much a situation calls for a quote..but i bite my tongue depending on the company I’m in. 😉

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  3. Whatever you call it, I’m pleased to know everyone feels this way at times. I have spent so much time feeling guilty about not being that up there, out there, happy as a bird person. And I’ve decided that all of that guilt is a total waste of time. Embrace your life even in the floopy times.

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      1. I did, Nikki! Well sort of 🙂 I was in a spiritual class this whole weekend, and it was glorious. So full of community and loving. Hope you are amazing. I was just thinking of you today. ❤ Blessings, Debbie


  4. TWD is worth binge-watching. Just out of curiosity (not that it happened to me – okay it did) after watching so many hours of zombies roaming the Earth, did you start “seeing” them in real life, too? As in: you see a single person walking a bit funnily on the side-walk and your first thought is: zombie!, quickly followed by: Oh wait…?

    Never mind. What I do to unfloopify is… just let the flooping take its course. I know it’s bound to end someday. Usually when I get fed up (or run out of tv shows to binge watch).


    1. This really made me smile! I have had some of those things happen. I was watching a baking show and they cook in a tent outside and there was a person walking out in the field that was caught on camera (I’m sure accidentally) and I immediately thoughts…ZOMBIE! Then I laughed at myself…well because it was a cooking show. 🙂

      Or when the hubs and I are out and we see a random shoe on the side of the road or a grocery cart left in an aisle we look at each other and smile..thinking, I wonder who that belonged to and did they get away from the zombie!??

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  5. I love this post, particularly since I started re-watching all of Friends (again) recently. It is my go-to show when feeling floopy. I think it’s best to not ignore the feeling when that floopiness occurs and instead embrace it while giving yourself room to be. This time of year is always busy, so I think we also tend to burn out easily during December – after all, we are coming to the end of an entire year, as well. It’s okay to do other things that bring you comfort when feeling floopy! ❤ Thank you for sharing.

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  6. I don’t remember that episode. I do love Friends but have not seen them all yet. Maybe Floopy happens when our brain just has too much to process at one time so everything gets all wonky and we just need to take some time to let our brain catch up. Maybe its our brains way of “calling in sick”. 🙂 Whatever it is, glad you are listening and taking some down time for a while. That is what I need to do.

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