Penguin Pointers – Affirmations


This is the first post in a new series! 26 days of Penguin Pointers! If you’re new here you are probably wondering what the heck a penguin pointer is and why in the world you would want to read about such a thing.  You can read more about that here: Welcome To Flying Through Water and if you’re too busy here is a short version for you

”Penguins have little stubby legs. So short that they have to waddle about.  As we all know…they march hundreds of miles on those little buggers. They do the best they can with what they have.  They also have wings, but they can’t fly. Why? Because their little wings are stubby too.

But here’s the thing…here’s the magic.  Put that same waddling-no flying-penguin in the water and she SOARS!  Watching a penguin swim is like watching her fly through water. THIS is where that little one excels.  She makes due in some areas using sheer determination…because that’s life…but she has found her place to shine.”

Penguin Pointers are all about helping you be an amazing rock-star of a Penguin. 🙂

So let’s go!


I LOVE Affirmations. They can change your life because they change your thoughts. It’s been proven time and time again that we get more out of life if we focus on the positive. This is not a recommendation to be a Polly-Anna …remember…we are Penguins not Ostriches! (or is that Ostrich? hmmm)  So keep your head out of the sand and be prepared for the real world. That being said, generally speaking…there are always two sides of any situation (if not more) and we can always choose to look at the more positive side.

An affirmation by definition is:

the assertion that something exists or is true.


emotional support or encouragement.

Put these two things together and it can be quite powerful.

We can create a mindset that works for us. That leads us in the direction of living a positive life. We can feel supported and encouraged to follow that path.

Affirmations can get a bad rap. I’m not sure why exactly because they are used by all sorts of people, (Quite common with Athletes for example) but they seem to be connected with a new-age mindset (I have new age mindset so no insult intended) and I guess some people find that silly…or a waste of time? I really don’t know. They take seconds and really only make your life better.

I use two kinds of Affirmations on a daily basis.  I have a daily Affirmation calendar and these awesome Affirmation cards from Louise Hay called ‘I Can Do It’ cards. I draw one daily.

Here is today’s card draw





These are just gentle reminders that affirm things I want or need in my life. They make me feel encouraged and supported so I look forward to seeing what I get each day. This one may not resonate with some…but for me, it’s a huge reminder to simply breathe. I have OCD and with that comes a lot of anxiety. Just taking a moment to breathe can be the difference between a full on attack and something that I can manage.

Affirmations can also be used in a more strategic way. For example if there is something that you feel that has always held you back. A fear or a quality you have been labeled with in a negative way. Switching that fear or negative quality around and turning it into a positive affirmation can, over time, rewire your thoughts and feelings about this ‘thing’.

If you believe that you are destine to have piss poor luck…I mean you truly believe the cards are stacked against you, you can start to turn that around by simply writing…saying and thinking…. ‘I attract good luck into my life’ or even just a simple ‘I am lucky’

This can work with countless things…anything….you just have to turn around the negative dialogue you have held on to.

Affirmation don’t work over-night.  Nothing does. But incorporated into your life on a regular basis, they will work, because what we believe about ourselves and our life makes a HUGE impact on who we are and how our life feels.

Give it a shot. What have you got to lose?  ❤

Thank for reading!


32 thoughts on “Penguin Pointers – Affirmations

  1. So true! I think it’s part of human nature to need positive affirmations! I learned that if we want a specific positive behavior to be repeated and to stay, it has to be given affirmation. So I agree when you say that what you think-especially when you get affirmations- you become! 😊
    On a side note- that is a lovely creative card! I love it!

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