Penguin Pointers – Desire


Desire is a pretty sexy little word right? I knew I had to go with it for my A-Z Penguin Pointers because without it…how can we ever expect things to change.


Desire means: to strongly wish for or want something.

When we are trying to live the best life we can possibly live or bring out the best possible bits of ourselves…there has to be some desire.

If you are getting out of bed every morning with a lack of desire, you may want to re-examine your life and find something that lights that fire in your belly.

Most of us are not lucky enough to be able to just fly by the seat of our pants and walk away from everything in our life that doesn’t fill us with desire. Bills need to be paid, jobs have to be worked, laundry has to be done. But in the moments between the things we HAVE to do…wouldn’t it be great to focus on the things we find desirable.

If being an author is the thing you desire…those in-between moments can be filled with writing. If getting your degree is your desire those in-between moments can be filled with studying.  If getting in shape is the thing you desire, those in-between moments can be filled with exercise and diet planning.

The list goes on and on, but we all can do SOMETHING we desire in a day full of undesirable things.  Those moment will build on each other and after a while you will  look back and see that any time devoted to your deepest desires will pay off in some way and you may just find yourself smack dab in the middle of everything you desire.

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