Penguin Pointers – Flow


Hello! Welcome to Letter F in my A-Z Penguin Pointers Series. There are loads of great F words… 😉 Having a mouth like a sailor, there is one in particular that I have a fondness for, but that didn’t make the list. (Although it is  quite beneficial to just say F*ck it from time to time and let stuff go.)

One more thought on this word and topic before we move on. There is a wonderful series of books called ‘F**k it’ by John C Parkin. I went to a webinar with John and his wife Gaia and it was amazing. Check out their website if you think you might like it. Eff It Helps

Now moving on


Having a goal and making plans are super important to living the life you long for.  But just as important as planning is the ability to GO with the FLOW.

You have to be fluid enough to ride things out and to think on your feet. If you’re not…the slightest hiccup can derail all your progress leaving you flustered and frustrated.

Being open to changing things up and accomplishing your goal in a different way than it looked in your head is one of the secrets to success.

Its easier than it sounds once you are open to it.  You just have to trust yourself enough to change things up when life decides it’s time to. There is a cute little saying

When life throws you a curve, lean into it. 

Nothing is ever going to go exactly as planned, so having the ability to change things up can allow you to see things and opportunities you may never have had the chance to be a part of otherwise.

So make your plans, set your goals and then have the confidence to go with the flow.

Happy Sunday!



20 thoughts on “Penguin Pointers – Flow

  1. I would like to think of this flow as our ability to “Adapt” to new circumstances, and not just go with the fad or join the bandwagon. It’s a great characteristic to be able to adjust and not get overwhelmed by new experiences. ☺

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