Penguin Pointers – Independence


Yesterday we talked about asking for help and I commented on how it’s a great characteristic to also be independent.  So today’s Penguin Pointer is 


When you decide to live the best life that you can live, to be all that you can be and to genuinely find your place, path and joy in life….you’re going to have to walk some of that path alone.

Some might even have to blaze their own path so to speak.

I’m a HUGE supporter of asking for help and leaning on a community to support and encourage you on your way to the life you desire. It’s necessary…but it’s also mega important to be able to stand on your own and follow your dreams no matter what any one else thinks.

We have to have a fire in the pit of our belly that can’t be stopped….even if we don’t have support. We have to be independent enough, strong enough and focused enough to go after what we want all by ourselves.  Then we can be open to support, encouragement and yes…help.

I think that there is a magic sweet spot in between allowing someone to help us and being independent.

Both can be viewed as a negative and probably are if taken too far in either direction. So I think this Penguin Pointer goes hand and hand with yesterdays. Because finding that balance is pretty important to finding our way and when you master that sweet spot, you will be unstoppable.


If you’re just jumping in now and wondering what the heck a Penguin Pointer is…Check out the first post in this series: Penguin Pointers – Affirmations

Thanks for reading!


A quick PS. My brand new, 1 month old computer is already having issues. I’m returning it and hope to make this seamless with bringing home a new one. If that’s not possible I may be missing for a few days. But I will continue where I left off with this series when I return.

9 thoughts on “Penguin Pointers – Independence

  1. I agree Nikki! Though it’s always nice to know that you could get support and help from others when you need to, it is also self-fulfilling to be able to achieve something by yourself independently. We have our own strengths and we’re unique and so there are also things that we should do or fulfill independently to make us a better person. 😊 Great post!

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    1. You and I think alike Nina. Independence came hard for me. I always seconded guesses myself. It took being REALLY good at something and that was Motherhood to make me see that I was capable. I just knew that no one knew my son better than me and I also knew that there was no in the world that could make me second guess my parenting. Being a Mother turned my life around in all the best ways. 🙂

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      1. I could definitely resonate with you Nikki! I never have guessed that I would be a good mom to my daughter (my husband tells me that!) until I became one…I think that has something to do with the bond between a mother & a child. 😊 but this is a very good example because we need to be reliable for our young ones and to be that, we have to be independent!


  2. I have fallen behind in your blogs, my apologies.
    As for this one, I agree. I know from my own experiences in life that nobody can do the work … especially the hard work … for you, you have to do it yourself. Support is important even if it’s only one good friend, which I have — you may know her. lol! But it’s also good to have a wider circle of people who are going thru, or been thru, the same issues. As you know, I have RA and fibro and this is my life now. It has been life changing for me and while my family and friends love me and try to support me, I had to search out for a different kind of support and understanding with people who are living with the same chronic illnesses, same chronic pain, same medical issues, treatments, questions and information. Finding that kind of support group has been huge for me. Might have even helped me keep my sanity at one point when I was in a very very low state of mind. I thought I could not live with the never ending physical pain and exhaustion and sickness until I began learning from others who’ve done it much longer than I have. But even with their knowledge and experience, I still have to take my own steps in my own journey. Life is a journey, right? None of us ever really know when our road is going to take a sharp turn and send us on a journey we did not expect. Good to have people around to support you when the road becomes rocky and uncertain. Love you!

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  3. Knowing how to do something on your own will keep you from being lonely. If you can learn to love your own company then you will never be lonely. If you can go out to an event by yourself then you have the opportunity to meet new people. With independence comes choices. Thanks for your continued sharing to support others.

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