Penguin Pointers – Knowledge


My first thought for today’s Penguin Pointer was Kindness. Kinda seemed like a no-brainer really, but then while sitting in bed last night clicking on one blog after another it hit me,


Knowledge is power and in the world we live in today it’s at our fingertips constantly. I’m a curious person so I never run out of things I’m interested in learning about. You can find most things online for free or a small price. Colleges around the globe offer free courses on sites like Coursera or you can search You Tube on how to do just about any thing…from home repairs to how to build the perfect eyebrow.

Living life in general expands our knowledge. Tough times will teach you plenty. Talking to people with different views or even some with the same views as you…will help to expand your wealth of knowledge.

If we want to be the best we can be, I think we have to continue to learn. We have to continue to push ourselves to new levels.

If we want to be successful in any area…we must take the time to learn about that area. Some things will come easily…starting a blog for example is pretty easy, but learning how to promote that blog or how to read the stats for that blog or what about


No matter what we are passionate about or how much we know about it…there is always more to learn.

Knowledge is power! Grab it!

Thanks for reading~


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