Penguin Pointers – Penguin!

The letter P was very easy for me. How could it not be Penguin! The entire purpose of this blog is to find our inner Penguin…so this was a no-brainer! As I’ve shared before  in both my intro to this series and in my introduction for this blog, Penguins are the perfect example of what’s inside all of us.

Here is an excerpt in case you have not read it:

Penguins have little stubby legs. So short that they have to waddle about.  As we all know…they march hundreds of miles on those little buggers. They do the best they can with what they have.  They also have wings, but they can’t fly. Why? Because their little wings are stubby too.

But here’s the thing…here’s the magic.  Put that same waddling-no flying-penguin in the water and she SOARS!  Watching a penguin swim is like watching her fly through water. THIS is where that little one excels.  She makes due in some areas using sheer determination…because that’s life…but she has found her place to shine.

We ALL have that same ‘thing’ inside of us.  We ALL have something that makes us shine.  It may take time and some trial and error to discover our true gifts…but they are in there. We just need to be confident enough to get up each day and try. We must be persistent and passionate about finding them…and when we do, we will fly through water too!

Happy Thursday!




5 thoughts on “Penguin Pointers – Penguin!

    1. yes! I have to tell you…after I wrote that little penguin story I read it to my husband and said…’Oh my gosh…I’m a penguin!’
      I too have short stubby legs and ‘wings’. LOL The best part is that he just looked at me…dead serious and said…”I honestly thought that was why you picked the penguin to be your thing’ Oh I laughed so hard at that. I’m ok with being built like a penguin. They are pretty cute. ❤

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  1. “She has found her place to shine” – yay, Nikki! Love the penguin analogy and the focus for your blog. Thank you.
    My intention is to let my Light shine to support the work of loving.
    🙂 🙂 Have a great rest of your week, love


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