Penguin Pointers – Quiet


This series has really given me time to think. There are countless words and finding a different one each day (or close to that) that represents a message that I want to hold close to my heart or write about is not as easy as you might think. Q came to me after some real  thought. Not an easy letter to play with, but one of the best Penguin Pointers for me personally.


I have OCD. OCD is loud…and it takes years of practice to get it to be quiet even for the slightest moment. Most days…I can get it to be a low hum in the background, but at worst…it’s like a a jackhammer. For the most part though it’s …well, it’s like having kids. Those that have raised little ones will get this, those that have not, but have witnessed moments like this will get it too…

Have you ever been in a store and you can hear a child talking and squealing and…singing…just blabbering on and on and on?  They get louder and then quieter, but never really stop.

As a person witnessing this you may feel like screaming…STOP!! OR you may find it cute for a few minutes, entertaining, but then it gets old.  You may wonder why the parent is not stopping them or losing their mind. 😉

As the parent…you stop REALLY hearing this stuff. Little kids truly never stop making noise when they are awake. If you’re around that child all the time, you sort of block it out. If something changes from the daily chatter…the norm…you notice and you are plugged right back in. But as for the the 900th time they say apple, because they like the way the word feels on their tongue…..or the millionth time they sing the blues clues intro…you just stop really hearing it.

THAT is how OCD is for me. I know it’s there. I hear it enough to be alarmed if the beat changes…but for the most part it’s just a kid saying apple over and over and over.

SO…finding true, honest, bare-bones quiet is a true quest for me. Meditation helps me with this. I get these tiny, rare moments of stillness that amaze me. In those tiny, rare moments I find clarity.  I find glimpses of my purpose. I see my path clearly. The moments are fleeting, but they happen.

We can see so much about who we are…where we are headed…what we want and how to get there…..when we are simply quiet.


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6 thoughts on “Penguin Pointers – Quiet

  1. Oh Nikki, I love this. So glad you are sharing your heart – the wisdom present there is truly profound for me, and I bet for your other readers. I belong to a peace prayer with the Institute for Individual and World Peace, where we say 9 words of peace as part of the process. They are: I love you. God bless you. Peace, be still.

    Merry Christmas, my friend.
    Love, Debbie xoxo hugs!

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