Penguin Pointers – Simplify


The fact that I am writing about and promoting simplifying in any form is actually kind of funny. Those that have known me well for any amount of time know that I had a tendency to complicate things. Both is the sense of over thinking and  and worrying but also in my day to day life. My taste in decor was always …the more the better! I clung to anything with sentimental value. My walls were covered…bookshelves over flowing….every flat surface was decorated to the max. Yet somehow I’ve ended up in a very different place.


Over the last several years I’ve been more and more attracted to a simpler way of life. My wants have always been simple, but now my thought process is catching up with that…and so are my surroundings.  I never realized how much all the clutter was affecting me. It made me more anxious. Who knew!?

Well lots of people actually. 😉 There is an entire movement that while not new, is quite popular these days. Minimalism. This of course takes simplifying to a more serious place…but it’s very interesting to me and easy to incorporate into our lives even a little bit at a time.

Simplifying my home/surroundings has helped me feel less anxious, less chaotic and less closed in by ‘stuff’. Simplifying my life mentally has helped me manage my OCD and has benefited my relationships. This included letting go of toxic people who brought drama and negative energy into my life. Simplifying in general, has helped me stay focused on what I want and allowed me to feel more creative in how I achieve the goals and plans I have for my life.

Simplifying in any form is beneficial. The easier we make our lives, the happier we are and the more we can accomplish. You don’t have to make big, bold changes. There is no one size fits all for simplifying…only you know what parts of your life could use a make-under. So start there…and see what happens. 🙂 Let me know if you do!

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4 thoughts on “Penguin Pointers – Simplify

  1. Thank you, Nikki! This is especially important for me as I’m looking at what’s next in 2017 after moving to LA!! I relate to what you’re saying how simplicity is such a key to living a grace-filled life. Love Love Love xo


  2. I can so relate to this. Any time I simplify, declutter, let things go that I don’t need I feel better in myself. Wonderful post Nikki as we head into a new year. xo


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