Penguin Pointers – Time


Good Morning!  If you’re keeping track, you’ll see that I need to up my posting game if I’m going to meet my goal and hit the A-Z challenge I set for myself! So today we start a  little earlier than normal here at Flying Through Water!


The word Time can cover a lot of different topics…let’s talk about a couple of them.

Time is a precious thing and we only get so much of it in our lives…and of course in a day. I’m a procrastinator and it’s something I really can’t stand in others…so when I’m honest about myself, I know that it’s one of my worst habits. I’m not sure if all procrastinators do this, but I think a lot about what I need or want to do and then put it off or get distracted. Then I get up one day…all excited and ready to take it all on,  which only leads to failure in one… or more commonly several of my endeavors. There is just not enough time to do EVERY thing I want to do that day.

It sort of sucks. No. It really sucks.

To combat this issue I have tried to schedule every little moment of my day. Guess what? That doesn’t work either. I end up missing out on spontaneous opportunities that make life sweet.

So where is the balance? To be honest, I’m not 100% sure that there is one if you allow yourself to get too far behind in your life. I think at that point you have to have laser like focus until you get your head back above water.

I do think that if I didn’t procrastinate so much to start with, there would be a balance that sort of flowed if I allowed it.

So I guess the message here is more for me than you…or maybe you connect to this issue as well?

Less procrastination, more getting your stuff done…so that you can enjoy the spontaneous beauty of life without a sense of dropping the ball…or worse yet, guilt. (Ick…guilt!)

Back to my to-do list!

Happy Tuesday (that feels like Monday!)


8 thoughts on “Penguin Pointers – Time

  1. Thank you, Nikki. I always try to schedule everything, then I just feel empty. If I plan for the important things, and fill in the others as needed, then that’s much better. I stress when I can’t get it all done, and I’m working on that. Time is golden.

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