Penguin Pointers – Unpopular


We all want to be liked. I think it’s a pretty universal desire. Some of us may want it more than others…but we all  want it to some degree.

Even if we are well liked in life, we are bound to make some unpopular choices.


I’ve come to believe that if we are going to be truly happy and live the life of our dreams, we have to be o.k with making some unpopular choices along the way…probably a lot actually. We have to be secure and confident enough in our own skin and in our wants and needs to accept that we are not going to please all the people all the time.

This can actually be a very empowering thing if we can get to this point. It’s freeing and builds self esteem and self worth.

I’m not suggesting that you try to be unpopular within your chosen tribe of people.  BUT I am suggesting that you put your wants and needs first as often as you can.

Others will get over it and if not…maybe it’s also o.k for them to move on.

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16 thoughts on “Penguin Pointers – Unpopular

    1. I’ve struggled with this too. I think it’s just a natural thing to want to be liked and appreciated. I’ve never been the ‘in’ girl either. BUT I’ve come to believe most of the really special people are part of the ‘out’ crowd….(Present company very much included) Plus there are more of us anyway! ❤

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  1. Great post Nikki – way to think outside the box. 🙂 Big smiles your way. You know, it’s funny, because I was just thinking about how often – even if it’s subtle – that I pay attention to the God of opinion. It’s a better move for me to pay attention inwardly for my key direction, you know? Anyway, many blessings to you and Steve this final week of 2016! Love, Debbie

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