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We are getting close to the end of this series. It’s been fun and it certainly kept me plugged into my blog through the holiday.  If you’ve  missed this series and are curious to know what I’m talking about, you can start here to get a better idea about the whole Penguin Pointer thought process: Penguin Pointers Series Kickoff


The very first thing we need to do when trying to change our lives is to figure out what’s important to us. We need to sort of take stock in our passions and desires and find what stands out as our purpose or even our joy. After that…it’s vital that we find our voice.

Easier said than done for some of us. It takes a certain type of confidence not all of us have. But once we find our footing, hopefully we can find our voice.

We have to let go of our insecurities and possibly even find a way to be o.k with not knowing it all or with being perfect.  Then we can speak up and enjoy the things that matter to us.

On a personal level, this blog is a perfect example. As most of you know, I had a blog for almost a year that focused primarily on kindness. When I decided that I wanted to focus more on self help/motivation in the form of living the best life possible I second guessed my voice in this area. I am NOT currently living the best life possible so how in the world could I expect my voice to be taken seriously?

Well, I was honest…with myself and with all of you.

This isn’t a blog written by someone who claims to have their shit together. This is a blog written by someone who is working on getting their shit together. The topics I write about are to encourage personal growth…for YOU and for ME.

I found my voice without needing to be the all encompassing authority on personal growth. I am learning. I am growing and I am using that voice to do so.

What are you currently using your voice for?  Let me know in the comments. ❤

Happy Hump Day! (How can a short week feel so long?)



22 thoughts on “Penguin Pointers -Voice

  1. Trying, whenever I can, to promote messages of equality and diversity in post-Brexit Britain, and encourage people to blame the powerful rather than the powerless (Indeed, a hideous lesson of 2016 is how many people still seem to blindly trust rich and powerful men of their own racial / national background, rather than diverse people of their own class / gender background, with whom they would be much better off seeking common ground).

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      1. Bless you. 🙂 Not sure where my writing will take me next year – all I’ve been doing is Doctor Who fanfic these past few months – but doing what I can not to let the habit die, at any rate. Hope you will keep on being inspiring too. xxx

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      1. I wouldn’t actually push Doctor Who as superior over other fictions. There are far better written SFs, in my opinion, and I do think to a large extent it was defined by its time (namely the 1960’s-70s – the modern series often feels to me a bit self-consciously retro and intentionally kitschy in a way its forbear wasn’t). On the other hand, though, when writing fanfic one does not necessarily look for the best literature to build on. It can be more interesting to address the areas where one really feels the original writers did not pay enough attention (which I do feel explains the huge amount of Star Wars expanded universe fiction).


  2. It’s funny how, we all assume that we need to be an authority in order to write on a particular topic – but when looking for blogs to read we, at least I, tend to gravitate toward people that are open and honest about their goals and what they are working toward. I would much rather relate to the author and connect with the true person than listen to an “expert” tell me how to be their version of a success. You have an amazing voice and have created a community around that, thank you for your honesty and passion for sharing your journey!

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  3. Beautifully said, Nikki! Voice has taken me most of my life to achieve. It takes confidence, boots on the ground, a giant heart, and life experience. When you have all that, then you speak up, or write up, or sing up, or DO what you need to SAY. Voice.

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  4. God this touched my heart. Thanks Nikki.
    I’m using my voice to help people be more aware of how to forgive… and also to build a real, honest, loving romantic relationship with a fantastically awesome partner!
    Thanks for asking! Love Love Love and blessings galore, Debbie
    ps – great series

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  5. I’ve always loved the fact that you’ve stayed true to yourself Nikki. I can so relate to you and love the sincerity and honesty that shines out of your words. I guess I try and aim for the same. Hugs xo


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