Penguin Pointers – Zzzzz


We have come to the final letter in my A-Z Penguin Pointers series. This was so much fun to do and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. So let’s jump in to the  last letter~


New Years resolutions and planning are HUGE. So many of us get excited and pumped up to make changes.  Even though I know it’s just a flip of the calendar, I do see it as a fresh start…a clean slate….an empty page! I want to look back a year from now and know that I didn’t waste a moment.

But while we are excited and pumped and planning and doing….we also need to remember to rest. When it comes to success or making changes, rest is just as important as hustle. Of course we want to make the most of each moment, but sometimes the MOST is to stop and rest and rejuvenate our bodies, minds and souls.

When you feel tired. Rest. When you feel overwhelmed. Rest. When you’re feeling frustrated or emotional or even REALLY REALLY happy. Rest!

Give yourself permission to take care of yourself and try as hard as you can to do it without  guilt. (Guilt just sucks up some of the power rest can give us.)

Remind yourself as often as possible that by resting you are able to bring your A game to the table in every way possible. You will be a better significant other, parent, friend, daughter, son, worker and general light to the world…if you simply rest.

Happy New Years Eve! (Be safe…Have fun….and then rest!)

Thanks for reading~


21 thoughts on “Penguin Pointers – Zzzzz

  1. So very true! After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I see how fatigue that I experience needs to be monitored. When I’m tired, I need to rest. I used to go 90 miles an hour straight ahead. Now I’m learning how to rest, and it’s very interesting that I’m sleeping better.

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    1. Amazing isn’t it? I started going to bed earlier and getting up earlier about a year ago and for the first time in my life I sleep! I needed the routine and to understand how much rest my body needed. We have to pay attention right? ❤ Thanks so much for being here. 🙂

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  2. I really did, Nikki! I had such a beautiful New Years’ celebration with a Sacred Tones evening at my place of work and home (how much better can it get? 🙂 ) and then rested a lot on New Years’ Day. Hope you had a wonderful celebration, and much loving to you my friend. Love, Debbie ps – hugs to Steve and Vivi!

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