Posts of Note – Week 1


Post of Note is back! Yay! This was always a favorite on my last blog so hopefully you will enjoy it here. 🙂 If you’re not familiar, each Wednesday I will post links to some of my favorite blog posts over the course of the week. There is nothing off limits so you will see a wide variety of topics. The hope…to connect people! 🙂

If you find yourself on this list and would prefer not to be…please let me know and I will remove your link.


Steve Newcomb Photography: TPC: Lights

Out an’ About: A New Year and the tides keep rolling

Dream Big, Dream Often: To Get Something New You must Do Something New

Forgiving Journal: Today’s Forgiving Journal: A Gift Video for You!

Books, Books and More Books (Pirate Patty): A Blank Page….2017

A Cornered Gurl: Elixir

Watching the Daisies: A Wish for 2017

Mindeology: My Letter to Cupcake

Virago Carnival: New Years Commandments (to beat the New Year, New You Blues)

Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall: Hump Day Afternoon

Happy Reading!




23 thoughts on “Posts of Note – Week 1

    1. You’re Welcome. I have a funny for you. I said something the other day about you…oh it was about your washer…to Steve and I said ‘Tre has the same washer as us’ Then I said ‘Do you even know who I’m talking about???’ (Thinking I was gonna outsmart him) and he says ‘Yes i do. A Cornish Girl’ I looked him like WHAT and started laughing and then I realized he was totally messing with me.
      So there..maybe your ears were ringing?

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      1. You’re welcome! I’m finding new blogs all the time and, just recently, i found these really nice ones; they’re called “finding ikigai” and “and then there was one.”

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  1. Nikki, yay!! Love Posts of Note, it may be my favorite too. 🙂 It’s such a lovely way to encourage and acknowledge the bloggers who inspire you, and then we can find out new neat blog posts. I appreciate you, and all the bloggers on your first posts of note for Flyingthroughwater. Blessings, and thank you for including me. Hugs! xo Love, Debbie

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  2. Hey Nikki, I’m so behind in my reading and everything! Thanks so much for including me here. I love your blog and all the connections that are made through sharing these posts. Big hugs xo 😎

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