Penguin Ponderings -Unknown


I haven’t done a Words To Live By ‘Penguin Ponderings’ since Thanksgiving! Yikes. Let’s get back to it shall we? I probably should have started off with a quote from a popular source, but this one just spoke to me. Who doesn’t want to have an awesome day. Plus it’s Monday and Monday gets a really bad rap.

So here’s to you having an awesome day!

Thanks to all of you that supported my Meet &Greet weekend. All the comments, likes and re-blogs are much appreciated!

Now go be Awesome!! 🙂

Happy Monday!


39 thoughts on “Penguin Ponderings -Unknown

  1. Goodness! …and I thought the meet & greet is a week activity :(…So sorry I missed it Nikki…
    I love this quote- it works perfectly hand in hand with my new year resolution which is to outdo my previous myself! 🙂

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  2. You are such a blessing, Nikki!!! I really appreciate your clear commitment to self-improvement and helping us to do the same. ❤ Thanks for everything – Love, Debbie ps – Have an awesome day tomorrow!


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