Penguin Ponderings – Jane Howard


This quote from Jane Howard really spoke to me today for many reasons. I like the term ‘tribe’. It makes me feel happy and safe and loved and protected! I love my tribe. Over the last  several days I’ve seen how big the tribe I am part of here at WP is. Between my awesome Meet & Greet this past weekend and then the massive show of love and support I received yesterday for my ‘You know how Nikki is‘ post….I can’t express how wonderful and grateful I feel to be a part of your tribe.

We all deserve to feel understood, appreciated, respected, encouraged and loved by people who truly ‘get’ us!

I hope you find your tribe and if you’re part of mine…THANK YOU!!

Happy Hump Day!




6 thoughts on “Penguin Ponderings – Jane Howard

  1. Wonderful, Nikki. Apologies that I could not be in the Meet and Greet- January is all consuming at school. I think you are the best, a favorite blogger… Just wanted to say “thank you.” 😀


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