Do You Know These YouTubers?


I’m not going to try to sugarcoat this. I’m gonna tell it like it is. I am Nikki and I LOVE YouTube. Some people can spend hours shopping…others get caught up in binging Netflix…some can’t escape the pleasures of Pinterest….but me? Well YouTube is my place. It’s like a fuzzy blanket or your favorite dive bar. It sucks me in and holds on till my eyes are dried out or ya know…I have to do REAL life things like fold laundry or cook dinner or sleep. 😉

I’m not going to even try to guess the amount of hours I’ve spent there. One video leading to another to another to….well you get it.

There is nothing you can’t learn about there. Nothing! I’ve learned cooking tips and tricks, how to take apart my dryer, how to crochet (Yes I totally learned to crochet from YouTube videos alone!), how to organize and even what a pissed off frog sounds like.

I can’t think of a single thing that can’t be or hasn’t been taught on YouTube. It’s a plethora of information at your fingertips and when you’re curious like me….it’s like freakin Disneyland!

So here are some of my favorite YouTubers. When you have time…do yourself a favor and check them out!

Break The Twitch

Anthony is all about intentional living. He also blogs at Break The Twitch His videos are very calming and his take on minimalism has inspired me to make many changes in my life.

Back To Chubby

This is Rosalie and she’s unreal! She is on a mission to lose 277 pounds…and she’s doing it! She is funny, smart and so genuine that I can’t imagine you wont be drawn in from the get go! This is not the first video in her journey so I urge you to go back and watch from the start. She is exceptional. She also blogs at Back To Chubby

Daniel Ray

This is Danny from Dream Big, Dream Often I’m betting you’ve seem him here on WP, but now he’s also on YouTube! His channel quickly became a go to one for me. He talks about life, personal growth, blogging and more. He has a no nonsense way about him and that’s what makes his blog and channel one of my favorites.

Clean My Space

This is Melissa and never in my life have I ever taken so much pleasure in talking about or learning about cleaning. Look…I’m 43 years old…I can clean a house…but with Melissa’s help I’ve become a well oiled cleaning machine. She is super adorable with a touch of sass and the videos are high quality to say the least. Even the best cleaners can learn a thing or two from Melissa. Her blog is Clean My Space


Those are just a glimpse into the channels I subscribe to on YouTube. My interests are all over the place so I could have made this list ridiculously long…and possibly a little embarrassing too. 😉

Do you have some favorite YouTubers? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!


24 thoughts on “Do You Know These YouTubers?

    1. I like the iiSuperwomanii one where she made the sandwich. I’m guess that’s one that brought her a lot of new subscribers. It was hilarious and it was everywhere! I just looked at Anna Akana for sec…I’ll check her channel out more later. 🙂

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  1. I’m a big fan of YouTube myself, but I use is mostly for my music, so I follow all of my favorite artists.
    I’m excited about a couple of these YouTubers though! I will definitely be checking out Melissa’s channel and Daniel’s. They sound like they are both up my alley 😀

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  2. My favorite Youtuber is Dan Bell This is Dan Bell because we (the boy and I) are big fans of abandoned places videos and Dan Bell is my personal favorite. There are several other urban explorers that I am subscribed too but he’s my #1. I am almost embarrassed to admit this one because you might think I’m a bit deranged but I love Dr Pimple Popper. lol!!! If you don’t know who she is you probably don’t want to know. hahaha!!! I discovered her a few months ago when I was looking on Youtube for videos of the MOHS surgery (the procedure the dermatologist performed on my head to remove that cancer). I wanted to see what it was before I had it done and that’s when I stumbled upon her. I do watch a lot of Youtube though, funny animals, car crashes occasionally, people doing dumb things, old commercials. I watched the entire series, 692 episodes in total, of an old Australian TV series called ‘Prisoner Cell Block H’ on Youtube. It was the original series that the current series ‘Wentworth’ is based on. I may actually rewatch it one of these days. God bless whoever it was that put all 692 episodes on Youtube! I also watched the entire series of my favorite Australian TV show ‘McLeod’s Daughters’ on Youtube after Netflix took it off. I am obsessed with that show. God bless that person too. But then we got Hulu too and it’s actually on there so I can watch it there!


  3. Thank you SO much for this post! 😀
    I really enjoyed Anthony’s video, and I just saw his blog! ^_^
    I guess all the things we need come to us when we are ready for them.


  4. I’m a little late to the party, but thank you so much for the feature! I came to say thank you an hour ago but I got side tracked cruising around your blog and time just flew by 😅


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