Penguin Ponderings – Winnie The Pooh


I’m really feeling what Pooh is laying down here. The weather in my part of Texas is being ever so weird and causing all sorts of nastiness. See we can’t complain about it being too cold or too much snow…but  what we get is this drastic up and down in temperature and it screws with your health. At the very least it makes you feel like you’re getting sick. So for days on end you spend countless moments mindlessly doing the mental dance ‘Am I sick?’ ‘I think I might be getting sick.’ ‘No, I’m not sick, I’m just cold…or have allergies…or maybe I’m just tired.’ and back to ‘I think I’m getting sick’

It’s been both 10 degrees and 79 degrees in the last week. It’s nutty.

So on that…’Am I getting sick?’ note…I thought we might talk about rest.

It’s SO important. I’ve written about it here: Zzzzz recently, but I think the message is worth repeating.

Most of us push ourselves way past any sensible point. We think that if we can just get one more thing done we will rest without guilt. Or worse yet we just simply refuse to listen to our bodies when they are screaming at us to slow the heck down.  Then guess what happens? We burn out or get sick or lose our shit on someone about something that is not really a big deal at all. We become half of who we are because we are forcing ourselves to do too much the tired half…well it checks out.

So take a page from Pooh Bear…even if it’s not a nap or two…slow down and rest.

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17 thoughts on “Penguin Ponderings – Winnie The Pooh

  1. Amen, so appropriate for today. I was busy all day until about 3 o’clock. I definitely needed the nap! Except that I don’t like naps, because I wake up so grouchy. Here in western North Carolina we’ve had the same kind of weather shift. From below 0 this weekend to 66 today.

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  2. Oh that is great to know Nikki that we are sharing the same weather freak show..LOL I can totally relate to “feeling sick” or “not” with the bizarre weather changes. I am new to Texas so I guess it will take me some while for my system to adjust. 😛

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    1. I wish you luck! 😉 We moved here from Alaska and I was never so cold there. It’s such a too the bones cold here. I also think that being here for 8 Summers has sort of broken me. It’s like my body has adjusted to liking the heat! Never in a million years would I have thought that would happen. Which part of TX are you in? I’m in West Texas. Closer to New Mexico than anywhere exciting in Texas! 😉


      1. ☺ yeah this my first year here. The summers are as harsh or even worse at times than in India and the winter is like you said wrecking the bones. More so because of the contrast in temperatures I guess. I live in Plano, north Texas…not so exciting in here..😋😷


    1. I agree. I drink A LOT of water. My son makes fun of me, but it helps me feel my best in any situation. Even if I feel terrible that water will help a bit. 🙂 I’ve been drinking about 100 ounces a day for a couple years now. Makes a big difference.

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