Balanced Health Update Week 3


I’ve committed myself to doing one of these updates every week and while last week I was  excited to get in here and report on my successes, this week was a little different. I sort of begrudgingly started thinking about  what I would say and it just didn’t seem fitting to come in here and say…

Well screw it! I’m pissed.

So instead I decided to do what I would tell anyone I care about to do. I stopped. I accepted. I thought it through. I took many moments to breathe. I put it in perspective.

My big goal for those of you who are new here and as a reminder for the rest of you is to reach a certain weight. Nope. Not telling. 🙂

My smaller more attainable goal was to reach a certain weight by my birthday in 48 days.

Most of this goal…both big and small was dependent on losing 2 pounds a week. I’m thinking that may have been unhealthy for someone (ME!) who tends to put too much weight (pun intended) on what the scale says.

So today my friends I will be setting better, healthier, more balanced goals.

First off, after losing 2 pounds a week for the last 2 weeks, I gained a pound this week.

It was a total and utter bummer because I thought I had done better this week. I felt that I was in the swing of things. Finding my groove.

And ya know what? I am.

Any person who has ever tried to lose weight…a little or a lot knows full well that a pound is nothing. It feels like the world both when we lose it and when we find it. But in truth it’s nothing. It’s just a pound. There is a a reason why anyone desperate to lose weight goes pee before weighing in. 😉 You know you do.

I still ate great all week. I still drank more water than everything else combined. I was still mindful of my stress level and sleep. I still did everything right. My groove was grooving.

So let’s talk about my new healthier, more balanced goals.

I’m still going to get to my goal weight. That is still my BIG goal. What I’m changing are my smaller goals. Instead of picking a specific weight to be at by my birthday I’m going to commit to 48 days of getting it right. What does that mean to me?

48 days of drinking my water. 48 days of meditation. 48 days of tracking my food. 48 days of making the best, healthiest, most self supportive and loving choices I can make given any situation. (And yes, that choice/situation may be to have 2 slices of pizza instead of 4) Progress….not perfection!

Years ago while watching The Biggest Loser, one of my favorite contestants said something to effect of ‘If I live a healthy life, make healthy choices day in and day out, put myself in healthy situation and believe that I deserve to be healthy, weight-loss will be a side-effect of that lifestyle.’

I will never forget that. The words may not be exactly the same by the intention is.

I didn’t lose weight this week, but I am one week further away from the unhealthy lifestyle that got me to this point in the first place.

This is a long journey and if I were to let 1 pound throw me off the trail…well than I may as well quit now.

I’m not quitting.

I’ll be consistent. Do my time. Learn. Grow. Build the healthy lifestyle I crave and the weight will come off in time. I can accept that.


Thanks for Reading~




54 thoughts on “Balanced Health Update Week 3

  1. I totally hear you. I’m trying to lose weight for health reasons, as in doctors orders. I started 1 week before Christmas using the fitbit method. Only got up the courage to weigh myself again today. I was exceptionally surprised to see I’ve lost five pounds. I know it’s hardly anything to lose in nearly a month but it’s like you said. One step at a time.

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  2. Keep up the good work! You will get there! Your body is adjusting and that means your weight loss will slow and speed up. Push through the plateaus! I lost 9lbs in the first 2 weeks of switching my diet and then nothing for the next two. You just have to keep pushing through. You’re on the right path!

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  3. Forward progress and healthy choices are always the better things to look at.

    As a side note to how annoying that scale can be: I once gained a large amount of weight between pregnancy check-ups even though my diet hadn’t changed. My Dr. said it could be fluid retention and that a gallon of water weighed 8 pounds! I’m pretty sure that’s what happened this weekend when I gained 3 pound in a day after chinese for lunch. LOL

    I wish you much success on your journey 🙂

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  4. When ever I wanted to loose weight I would think “Well I didn’t gain all this in a month, so I don’t expect to loose it in a month. Just keep plugging Nikki, you will do it. Love you

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  5. If you weigh yourself often enough, you will notice that it fluctuates by a couple of lbs over the course of time as a rule (water, waste, etc.) That would be why the scale is such a bad reflection of progress. My 130 lbs pre-pregnancy vs. 130 now is a world of difference!! It used to be pudge, now it’s muscle. I’m actually a lot smaller than I was then.
    I pay more attention to how my clothes fit (although I do have a goal of losing 5-10 lbs.)

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  6. I am trying to lose weight as well. I am so impatient is my problem. I have changed my eating habits and do eat a a lot healthier and less. I have almost been doing it for two weeks now and I am not skinny yet??? Why haven’t I lost 20 pounds? That is what I feel like sometimes… But then I try to be realistic. I do know it will be a slow process… But I sure wish I looked better right now. I keep trying but it sure is hard. I am determined. I have to lose weight. I must!! I lost about 6 pounds but am quite large and have a very long way to go. I will keep going one minute and day at a time. Thanks for the inspiration. Keep up the good work and your good writing.

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    1. I totally understand the…why am I not skinny yet mindset. It’s hard to do so much work and see such small results. I try to tell myself that it took years and years to put this weight on so I have to be prepared to do this work for a long time. It’s not east but my hope is that it will be worth it. Good luck to you!!!

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      1. Thank you. Good luck to you as well. I know I just to have to slow my thoughts down and know that it will take some time which really isn’t that long when you look at the big picture. It will be so worth it. I have to keep telling myself I can do it. I have seen small progress and that is worth it…. soon there will be more and more progress. Best wishes. We can do this.


  7. Why look / use the scales? what will that do for you?
    How we ‘want’ to look is completely based upon cultural design and how we were brought up being told what was good and what was bad (judgment) dont get sucked in to it al and see the bigger picture.

    Im glad your meditating as I feel the health journey really starts in the mind and simply begining to accept and love yourself no matter how you look is the greatest thing.. For example would a cat be brought into this world and be angry upset or annoyed it didnt have certain markings? no that cat or any other animal wouldnt do it. We shouldnt be looking for gratification from others as love comes from within and radiates outwards.

    As people we should be striving to nourish our bodys for optimal health BODY & MIND! Not trying to loose as much weight as possible to look a certain way. There is so much media based upon how we should look and so many ideologies based upon how we should look a certain way. Its easy to see it for what it is and the agenda there is to make money from insecure people. whether this be through the supplement industry or make up industry or fashion industry. When it all boils down to who we are and our escence we are already perfect in our own ways.

    Nobody in this world will care about your bodies health like you can / will. We all need to love who we are and take responsibility for our bodies and not come from a place of desire to fit in or look a certain way. That way of thinking is an illness. we are all different and beautiful in our own design. we are natural beings so lets keep it that way 🙂

    When eating for health you wont need to count everything because everything your putting in your body is good for it. When you stop eating for pleassure you realise the pleassure was actually in eating healthy foods and as a result, feeling healthy. You begin to understand that your body needs and wants good food and in turn you feel incredible. You then eat for health..

    If you need any help with ways to improve your health drop me a message!

    Andy – Natural Health

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  8. You’re right Nikki…losing weight is not really about the pounds but more about the lifestyle. It’s about changing & reforming habbits. Last year, I was conscious with my diet & exercised with my husband. I constantly checked my weight and it fluctuated! I got demotivated and eventually stopped exercising… I know better this time. I recently started jogging again but this time, I’m not gonna go checking my weight everyday…I will check my formed habbit rather! 😊

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  9. Keep working hard! I love the thought of balance. It is very easy to fall into the trap of doing too much of one thing too quickly. I hate seeing people make drastic changes like no carb diets because a crash is inevitable at that point. I actually just made my first blog post about this topic if you want to check it out! Keep looking for progress, that is the main goal!


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