Penguin Ponderings – Etty Hillesum


If you followed me at my old blog you may remember me using this quote before. I love it so much that I’ve decided to share it again. It’s a reminder I needed today. This past weekend was  a rough one. I’m feeling an overwhelming amount of stress and that always kicks my anxiety into over-drive. I’m sleepy when I shouldn’t be and just in the midst of an over all blah feeling.  Valuing and also taking advantage of …(hell even noticing!) those moments between two deep breaths can really be the ticket to finding some calm when the world feels anything but.

Today is a busy one but I am going to make those moments a priority and take them….often.

How about you?


23 thoughts on “Penguin Ponderings – Etty Hillesum

  1. Thanks for this great reminder Nikki! I needed this yesterday, and definitely today!…phew… sometimes there’s too much stress that you can do nothing about- and the only help is to just breathe deeply…Mwahhh!!!

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