My Monkey Mind


Today I am struggling with some serious monkey mind. Not familiar with the concept? Well let me tell you about it. Monkey Mind is 

a Buddhist term meaning…unsettled, restless, capricious, whimsical, fanciful, and even uncontrollable.

Yeah…I have a bad case today. I have a mild case most days. 😉

So I thought…Nikki! You have a blog. Go purge your mind there. Hopefully THAT will help!

Here’s a glimpse into my current monkey mind thoughts..

*Donald Trump is President. Honestly…I still can’t believe it. The thought keeps looping around in my mind and I’m not any less surprised each time I think it.

* I’m watching a ‘new to me’ show. Hell On Wheels. Steve had watched it already so I thought…what the heck…I’ll check it out. It’s about building the railroad.  It’s ridiculously good. It’s also ridiculously disgusting. Everyone and everything is filthy. It’s violent and not for the faint of heart..but the story is awesome and Common is phenomenal.  (and Cullen is fine as hell) Right?


Helllooo Mr. Bohannon.

*I’m thinking about trying Amazon Pantry. Ever do it? What do you think?

*Sunday is the Superbowl and my guys are in it!! It’s super exciting and super stressful!! I know they will win…I know they will win….I. know. they. will. win. 😉 Honestly, if you’re a football fan, even if you hate the Patriots…you have to give them credit. They are a talented team and they have a knack for winning. It’s gonna be a fun day…but I will miss my Gronk.


ps…Vivi hates it when I watch the Pats play. My East Coast comes out…loudly…. and I speak fluent sailor. ❤

*Why do people have dogs if they are not going to care for them? Seriously? Let your dog in the house. He/She is a pack animal and leaving them outside alone 24/7 makes you an asshole. AND when you have your dog out with you on the street…have them on a leash. When your dog bites someone because they are scared or surprised he/she will pay the price for your ignorance.

*I bought mini powdered donuts for my son as a little surprise when grocery shopping. They are in the kitchen now. About….30 steps away. I want to eat them. All of them. I swear I don’t have a sweet tooth, but they are softly whispering my name (non-stop). I’ve considered just licking one…but I don’t think it will be enough to curb the craving. It probably borders on abuse but I want my kid to eat them all right now so I don’t have to think about them anymore. If I presented it like a dare and gave him 10 bucks he’d do it. Decisions Decisions.

*Why don’t people learn to spell your name correctly. My full name is Nichol. If you claim to love me or even like me a little or…I’ve been in your life for any valid amount of time…add the H and drop the E already. It’s starting to piss me off.

This is just glimpse of the crap floating around in my mind. I could go on and on but I fear I’d start to look a little more Monkey than Human so I’ll leave it here.

Thanks for reading~






33 thoughts on “My Monkey Mind

  1. Trump being presdent, I think is worrying. I live in the UK, but still concerned what could happen while he has power.

    I hate animal cruelty. My cat Miley, is a rescued pet and she is absolutely lovely. She has lots of love to give and if you seen her how she behaves, you would not think of her situation before. She settled with me within 10 minutes of being in my home. All she had to learn, after giving her time to settle, was to learn how to play. I think if I have it right, off the top off my head, I think it will be 7 years me having her this May. It doesn’t seem it.

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    1. You and your Miley are both very lucky to have found each other. That is how things went with our Vivi. She was home. It was clear that she was meant to be with us. It makes my heart smile that we could rescue her from that life and bring her to home she was meant for. Plus I always say she rescued me. ❤

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  2. I am terrified of Trump as well, especially since our prime minister seems determined to crawl up his rear end, beg pardon. I do hope he does something so exceptionally stupid soon that even his loyalists no longer dare to stake their careers on his stability.

    I struggle with mindfulness too. Always too much going on up there. I really need to work on focus, though, as I have a bad tendency to accumulate unfinished projects (and though that is fine on a hobby level, now that I have a publisher to please I do need a modicum of work ethic…).

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    1. It still baffles me every time I think about it. I just can’t wrap my brain around how it happened. I hope it’s a wake up call to the world at what CAN happen. I read that 40% of Americans didn’t vote!! 40!! That’s insane.

      I feel you on the focus. It’s something I have to constantly be aware of. I actually say..out-loud…No Nikki…finish this first! LOL I am quite scattered.

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  3. NICHOL (see, I did it right, HA) [That’s my Monkey Mind in action.] Speaking of MM, mine has been scampering up and down the trees, screeching, and flinging poop since 11/9 – ‘nuf said about that. I will escape into the latest installment of Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Tales series, “The Flame Bearer”. The politics and wars of 9th Century Britain can be a nice place to visit these days, at least in print. Happy monkeying. .

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  4. Great post Nikki! My two favorite points: 1) monkeys. My preschool class learned about Africa this month, and our highlight was performing the African version of “Caps For Sale”. The monkeys in the tree holler, “hoo-hoo-hoo”. 2) New England Patriots and the Super Bowl!

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  5. I love this! A total brain dump! Amazon Prime Pantry: it depends on what you’re looking for. I use it to order bulk snacks and kitchen supplies for work, but for home I’m not sure would be worth it, for me. If you can fill a box with things you’d use and it saves you a few bucks it’s definitely worth the ease! Do a test run and see what they have that you’d buy, see if you can fill a box and what the total would be. Couldn’t hurt.
    I’m also with you on the dog thing! I HATE seeing animals left outside, it drives me nuts! You are responsible for them, they deserve to be cared for and loved! Bah. End rant. 😉

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    1. Yeah..I’m working on a box now. My biggest concern is keeping track of what I get there…versus the store….and keeping up…and not wasting money. I’m trying to get a handle on our food budget. It’s ridiculous how much we’re spending.
      You can rant to me any day of the week about animals. I will gladly listen. ❤

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  6. I’m FIRMLY against spoiling dogs by letting them choose their own sleep numbers (and the only reason my dogs have their own is because they both said they have bad backs and so it’s a medical thing) and I don’t believe in allowing barnyard animals to live in the tub (unless they weren’t really acclimated to cold and just love being able to swim every evening in water that’s JUST the right temperature). I believe dogs should be forced to stay outside in the snow until they want to come in, get their feet dried off, and have a cookie. That’s right. I’m absolutely that kind of pet owner who doesn’t take any bull from her babies….errr….stupid animals!

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  7. Of course I can spell your name Nickoll. How hard is it to spell Nikkole? I don’t get what you’re saying at all. LOL!!!! Don’t call me Mrs Songbird and I won’t call you Nickhole. ROTFL!!! Awww, powdered donuts … how I love thee! Thanks for putting THAT into my head. Only stores in Texas sell them, right?! So I’m safe. Not one powdered donut to be found in Arkansas. Nope! I think I’m a bit monkey minded today too. Good thing we have that in common. We can be monkeys together. 🙂


  8. My full name is Christina. As a kid I went by “Chrissy” so when I go home everyone still calls me that. However, as an adult, everyone I meet knows me as Christina. Anyhow, my hometown friends introduced me to a new friend, and she must have mistakenly understood them to be calling me “Christy”. Now we have become closer and she continues to call me Christy and it’s been so long I can’t bear to tell her to stop. 🤣🤣🤣 but it drives me crazy!!!! Lol! I have even sent her several cards, etc. and sign them with ChriSSy, but she’s still clueless. I feel your pain! Thought you’d appreciate my story! Heeeheeee!!!! 🤣🤣🤣


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