Penguin Ponderings – Harry Emerson Fosdick


I cannot imagine a quote better suited for my mindset these days. I’ve been thinking a lot about self care lately. A friend asked me if I had a post about general all over self care and I realized I didn’t. I had written about this topic a lot over at A Kinder Way, but so far the topic has been a little scarce here. Self Care is  hands down the most important part of finding inner peace.

Later today I will be kicking off a new series on Self Care. I hope that it will inspire all of you to join in and take on the challenge of making time for yourself.

This quote from Harry Emerson Fosdick is a great place to start. We can’t get inner peace (Which I believe we get through self care) by pouncing on it. We can’t DEMAND it! We can’t stomp our feet and feel peaceful.

We have to work at it. Little by little. Practice things we may find silly or think we have no time for. Let go of the guilt and take care of the person in the mirror.

I hope you’ll come back later today and check out this new series!

Happy Thursday!



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