Self-Care Series – Week 1 – Celebrate!


Welcome to my Self-Care Series! This week I want to talk about something we have a tendency to do for others…but not for ourselves.  That would be…CELEBRATE! Each one of us has  these moments of triumph in our lives. They happen far more frequently than we notice. Each and every day there is something to celebrate.  As a parent, spouse, friend, co-worker….we see those moments for other people.  If you have ever potty trained a child…you know that those first few times the child actually uses the bathroom it feels like you’ve won a Nobel Peace Prize!  OR what about when your spouse/significant other gets a raise or a new client? How do you feel inside when a friend calls you in a fit of excitement to share a moment of joy?

You celebrate these moments with them…for them….and it’s real, genuine joy that you have for them.

We need to take those moments for ourselves too.

Recently, I’ve decided to get rid of the clutter and downsize.  I used to be the kinda gal that liked every surface covered with something that meant something. I wanted pictures on every wall and knick-knacks on every flat surface.  BUT it caused me so much stress. My home never looked neat. The amount of stuff everywhere actually game me  anxiety,  but didn’t realize it for years.

Over the last couple of months I’ve been purging my home. It’s incredible how much peace this has brought me…and also how easy it is to keep things clean!

I sit back now and look around and I find joy and peace in my clutter free spaces.  And I celebrate this.  I truly do. I smile….give myself a pat on the back and allow that happiness, pride and again….joy….to surround me.

A lot of us wouldn’t think to celebrate these moments…but if it matters to you and you did it…celebrate it.

Take pride in your moments. They can be HUGE…life changing….OR just the stuff we do on a day to day basis. Take a moment and list (even mentally if the paper is too much hassle) all the things that you’ve accomplished today and celebrate them!

Celebrate YOU. You deserve it.

I’d love to read your thoughts…share them below!



20 thoughts on “Self-Care Series – Week 1 – Celebrate!

  1. I love a good declutter. One of the most liberating places I ever stayed was a big, empty flat in Beijing where I lived out of my suitcase for ten months. I remember dancing around that room, it was so big and open. Not something I could do in our current tiny flat, alas, but I should try to make more of the space we do have.

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    1. That sounds lovely! It’s hard in a smaller space though. We lived in an 800 square foot condo in Alaska and we homeschooled!! There were books everywhere. when we moved to Texas we shipped 26 boxes and packed up the car. Now we live in a larger home (not a lot larger) with about half the stuff. 🙂 I like it. 🙂

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  2. Thank you for starting the series. We all need these reminders. Do you think would be egotistical or self righteous or whatever if we celebrate ourselves. If MS has taught me one thing, it’s to celebrate small victories. It is so important that we remember and dwell on those things rather than the things that we can’t do or could do or should do. It is a waste of energy. So I’m with you let’s celebrate!!

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  3. It’s great to do a declutter. I did some more culling this morning actually, getting rid of clothes that I haven’t worn in years. 😊 Love the idea of this new series Nikki and starting it by celebrating ourselves is perfect. Hugs xo

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  4. Yippee! So important to celebrate ourselves and to just engage in Self-care generally. You go, Nikki.
    Congrats on decluttering – I remember you writing about that. Yay ❤
    Today I:
    Listened to podcasts for my forgiving coaching program!
    Got a new pair of running shoes!
    Connected with a guy I like!
    Prepped for a spiritual seminar on Putting Love First!
    Joined REI ❤ and got new running shoes.

    Thanks Nikki – this was really helpful to acknowledge myself. Completes a cycle of action. Many blessings and have a good weekend, Debbie


  5. I would dearly love a clutter free house but it seems to be impossible. Small rooms crammed with way too much stuff that nobody but me wants to get rid of. My dream house would have built-in dressers and desks so no extra furniture would need to take up space. It would have tons and tons of storage, place for everything from shoes to books to hats and gloves to wrapping paper to extra dishes and extra canned goods. In my mind, I live in the perfect house. 🙂 This was a great blog today. Makes me think.

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