When You Choose to Try – News to Share!


I’ve often said,  ‘I dream of being a writer’ but lately, I’ve changed that line of thought to 

I’m a writer with a dream.

This year I’ve decided to stop ‘just’ dreaming and actually start putting some action behind my words.

I decided to submit a post to The Mighty. At first I wrote it just for The Mighty. I submitted it. Waited 3 weeks and then got scared and deleted it. I decided to post it here. After that, I started thinking about this dream of mine and I felt so silly for deleting it. I mean…if I am to be a writer I have to get used to putting myself out there and facing rejection. I have to be ok with that. So I resubmitted it about a month ago.

Yesterday I was contacted and told they wanted to publish it. The email said it would be looked at by an editor and I should see it published within 2 weeks. Well it was published today!!!

I’m super proud of the article and that it was chosen to be shared by The Mighty.  But more than that…I’m proud that I put myself out there. I’m proud that I worked up the nerve to send the article in. I’m proud that I chose to try!!

I’d love for you to check it out. You may have already read it here, but there is no harm in looking anyway. 😉

When I Overheard Someone Judge Me For Having OCD

Thanks for reading!


61 thoughts on “When You Choose to Try – News to Share!

  1. Congratulations!! 😀 I feel your happiness and I’m so excited for you! 🙂
    When fear starts taking over, I usually remind myself of one little sentence:
    ”If you don’t ask (try), the answer will always be no!”

    You gathered courage, asked (gave it a try) and it was a big YES! 😀 I wish you, many many exciting news all through 2017! 🙂


  2. Congratulations on bravely stepping forward. You are a writer and you are anything else you decide to be. I can’t wait to read the article. Believing in yourself will hopefully inspire others to do the same. Such wonderful news!

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