Find Your Awesome by Judy Clement Wall


Are you awesome? Whether you answered yes or no…this book is for you. I was so lucky to read an advanced copy of this fabulous (Some might say ‘Awesome‘) book from Judy Clement Wall. It’s not your every day self- help book.  It’s a personal challenge laid down by Judy to find your awesome. It has a very  free-spirited and playful feel, but don’t let that fool you….


Find Your Awesome is a 30 day challenge that will make you think and will honestly challenge you to step out of your comfort zone. The challenge is presented more like a personal journal where we are free and even encouraged to doodle and jot down thoughts as we go. The days range in difficulty depending on your personal way of thinking.  There are ‘easier’ challenges that you can do with little thought…which build up to challenges that may take some real time to fully digest. This book, if followed, will help you find your inner awesomeness. AND you’ll have fun along the way. Can’t beat that right?

I like Judy’s conversational writing style. She was a blogger first and that resonates with me personally. She’s also the creator of many adult coloring books. I’m still a fan of coloring…how about you?

You can check out her website here: Judy Clement Wall

I highly recommend her ABOUT page. It’s….Awesome.

I’m so grateful to have read this book and plan to start over, taking the time to slowly practice each day again. This book feels like a gift you’re giving to yourself. It will be available in April and I can’t recommend it enough. Grab a copy when you can and Find Your Awesome!

You can pre-order the book in paperback or for your Kindle here: Find Your Awesome

Thanks for reading~



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