Penguin Ponderings – Barney Stinson


Gotta love Barney Stinson right? Yesterday I took part in the question of the day over atΒ 

Dream Big, Dream Often. It was about changing ourselves. My answer was honest…possibly not the healthiest way, but I know that for me, personal change is only successful if I’m all in. It’s a huge challenge to improve ourselves. Habit, laziness, life, whatever excuse we use makes it far to easy to fall back into the comfort of where we are or what we’re used to doing.

So I agree with Barney. Self improvement is challenging. But it also has the highest pay off. Β Looking back at where we were and seeing how far we’ve come allows for a sense of pride like no other. Knowing that we traveled the distance…did the work…made the choice and conquered something we wanted to conquer….is freakin awesome! Those bragging rights should be worn like a crown.

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