Posts of Note – Week 7


Welcome to week 7 of Posts of Note! (And a special invite too!) I hope you’ll find these posts as interesting…enjoyable and in some cases as hiliarious as I did!

If you find yourself on this list and would prefer not to be, please let me know and I’ll remove your link.

Happy Reading!

A Bum Without A Beach: Courtship Dances and Head Trauma

Dream Big, Dream Often: How to Produce Powerful Blog Content No One Can Ignore

Do You See What I See: All creatures great and small are precious

A Cornered Gurl: But, We Got Love

Of Cabbages and Kings: A Possible Conservative Case For A Single Payer Health System

The Worry Games: Be Your Own Hero

Out an’ About: WPC: The Road Taken

The Happy Life 101: Let’s Plant Life Seeds!- Seed#1:DREAM

The Mother Octopus: If I Could Save Time in a B Cup

Ben de plume: Is This Efficiency?


On another note….


Tomorrow is the start of my Meet and Greet Weekend! I hope you will pop in and join the fun!





10 thoughts on “Posts of Note – Week 7

  1. Thank you Nikki! It’s always an honor and pleasure! I’m glad you like my post that much to share it with others! :)<3
    I'll be checking the other posts! 🙂


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