Meet & Greet Weekend! (3/10-3/12)


Welcome to the Flying Through Water ‘Spring has Sprung’ Meet and Greet Weekend! Phew! That was a mouthful!

As always my Meet & Greets are pretty chill. Here are the simple rules:

  1. ALL Bloggers are welcome!
  2. Leave a link to your blog in the comment section with as much info as you want to share. (Social Media links too if you’d like) and please come back as the weekend progresses to leave additional links!
  3. If you think your readers would enjoy sharing their links, please re-blog to let them know they are invited!  Share on social media too if it suits your fancy! The more the merrier.
  4. Check out the links left by others.  I’ve met some of my favorite bloggers at meet and greets.
  5. Jump in and HAVE FUN!

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Thanks for being here!



232 thoughts on “Meet & Greet Weekend! (3/10-3/12)

  1. Hi Niki, I hope I am not too late for the party. I and my 2 sisters have a blog called its about our travels to Europe last year and some stuff not about the holiday. We are planning a trip to France this August and Spain and Portugal next year.


  2. Nikki, I am so glad you are hosting this Meet and Greet. I am so happy to meet the many folks who’ve visited my blog – THANK YOU!

    OK, here is another post from me. (I do a really neat blog on forgiveness and how to really love ourselves, based on my own experiences). This one is called “Shining My Light No Matter What”

    …..How do we forgive when we feel less important or left out? ❤


  3. Nice to meet everyone ! You can check out my blog Reflections of Love! It’s about my life, and my journey with my mom who has Alzheimer’s disease ! Love for you to check it out! 😊❤


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