Thank’s for a GREAT Party! (links inside!)


Thank you for such an awesome Meet & Greet! 47 bloggers joined in and many made connections that were obvious in the comment section! I hope you took part, but if not (or even if you did) I’ve left the links to everyone who left one, in hopes that if you didn’t have time jump back in you can take advantage of this awesome opportunity to connect. There is definitely something for everyone in this bunch so take a peek and support each other!

If I missed anyone let me know. There were over 230 comments to decipher!

Thanks again!

A Bum Without A Beach

Watching the Daisies

Big And Pinky Toes


Sliver of Darkness

Michel Montecrossa

Absolutely Olivia

Invisible Illnesses

Bedlam and Daisies

Whistle While You Wait

Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall

The Showers of Blessing

Comically Quirky

Flashlight Batteries

Sid’s Paleo Blog


Out an’ About

Forgiving Connects

Nature Inspired Mom

Hope For Today

Thoughts of Sheryl

Dorky Mom Doodles


Following Him Beside Still Waters

Girlfriend’s Guide to Good Mental Health

The World is Bigger Than Me

Elaine’s Life and Apartment Living

Almost Unsalvageable

Sticky Note Quotes

A Teacher’s Reflections


Orchids and Sweet Tea

Nesie’s Place


Many Faces of Cheri G

Tammy Mezera

My Loud Bipolar Whispers

A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales


Pain Pals

3 Sisters Abroad

The Happy Life 101

Reflections of Love


The Recipe Hunter

Life Continues

Untitled - 2


Thanks for reading!


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