Posts of Note – Week 8


Welcome to week 8 of Posts of Note. This is where I share some of my favorite posts from the last week. I think there is something for everyone here so jump in!

If you find yourself on this list and would prefer not to be..please let me know and I will remove the link!


A Bum Without A Beach: Of Mice and Typical Men

Forgiving Journal: Letting Go Of Comparisons

Bedlam and Daisies: In Search of Simplicity

Cornered Gurl: 8 Words: Culprit

A Momma’s View: I Don’t Care

EssenCentral: Energy 101: Energy Clearing

Dream Big, Dream Often: Ever noticed those recurring numbers? Here’s what they mean

Almost Unsalvageable: I Am Sorry For Myself, I No Speak In This Language Very Much

Matters Of The Heart: The Magic of ‘Bravery’

Create With Barb: Direct Selling – Some Advice

Peace, Love and Positivity: Worthiness Walk

Happy Reading!




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