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I’ve used the saying ‘I don’t have time’ more often than I would like to admit. It truly is an excuse that is widely accepted. People are extremely busy…that’s no lie, but in reality we all have the ability to make time for  the things we really want to do. Prioritizing is vital when our lives are busy and as we all know, if something is important to us, we find the time.

So why do we allow ourselves to use this excuse? Does it make us feel better? Like saying we are too busy to do something makes us look good? We are so valuable and so needed in ALL these areas of our lives that we can’t possibly fit in exercise or writing that book or taking that class…or countless other ‘Good for us’ things.

I know I do it.  It’s hard not to use this freakin awesome one size fits all excuse. No one can dismiss MY busyness!

So how do we stop the cycle and ease of this excuse?

Accountability. Whether it’s just to yourself, or by sharing our goals and plans with others.

Accountability takes real honesty and a lot of courage. You have to be able to be honest about your actions and choices and you have to be brave enough to share your plans with someone else. Both of those are truly difficult to do.

But I believe that’s a good start to breaking this crutch down and a necessity to removing this excuse from our lives. Only then will we be living our lives to their fullest. Only then will we finally start seeing our dreams come true.

Do you have the time to make that change? Do you have the time not to?

Thanks for reading~


(Originally posted on Flying Through Water in November 2016)

25 thoughts on “Words To Live By – Unknown

  1. because we procrastinate… on social media, with tv, anything to avoid or facing up to things that we don’t want to do. Time is constant, things take time. On that basis, we are naturally squeezed when we don’t maximise the time that we have.

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  2. I refuse – or at least I try not – to say I’m too busy. Instead I say that I have not made *insert here task I’ve failed to accomplish * a priority. This forces me to think about why I haven’t made the task a priority and what IS a priority. I think it helps me get more done or at least accept my limitations.

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  3. Love the post, Nikki! 😉 We also need to ‘unbusy’ ourselves. What are we doing and what is the point? We’re in a hurry to finish up one task…and move on to another, yet the only place we’re rushing to is the grave. Why do we pack our lives so full and our schedules so tight? Someone writes a blog post about simply turning off their cell phone and spending the afternoon in the park, and readers respond as though the Holy Grail has been found.

    Tomorrow is another day, but not one that’s promised. Slow down and breathe. 😉

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  4. Guilty as Charged !!!! It is like second nature at times, it is so ridiculous !!! This post really hit home for me. Time to prioritize, make a list if need be and slot those things in, maybe do those things we put off constantly…first ! Life will be fuller. Great post Nikki 🙂

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    1. Great Lynne! I don’t know about you…but I spend so much time thinking about what I should be doing that I’m not even enjoying my down time. So to prioritize the stuff we want and need to do will also free up time to do absolutely nothing! 😉

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  5. Great quote.=! Too bad they don’t know who came up with it. It’s very true though. I find myself saying that all the time. The thing I hate the most is when I say I don’t have time for something and then turning around and waste time doing something less productive. Like, for example, saying I don’t have time to organize my desk, but then waste an hour aimlessly surfing the internet. It really is just a bad excuse.

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  6. Hello Nikki!
    Sometimes I think we are so hard on ourselves and in the end, we tend to do what is most value to us. If it’s important enough, we make time. Perhaps we say it as a protective measure to avoid the very things we don’t wish to do? I’m certainly guilty of that, now that you have brought this idea to our attention. It had me thinking ‘why….?’ And that’s what came up for me.
    Again, we must be kind to ourselves and think that say…if I’m reading blogs all day and putting pressure on myself for not ‘doing anything today’ well, that’s exactly what we wanted to do today and clearly found something of value by spending time on it. Be kind to yourself.
    That’s my thinking on the subject from your beautiful post. Sorry… my comments are so long… you raise some fabulous topics
    all the best Nikki 💕💐💐

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    1. I love your comments. I think prioritizing down time is important too. For me…I end up wasting my down time thinking about what I ‘should’ be doing. There are things we all HAVE to do and if we would just get them done…it would open up so much mental time. I hope that makes sense! 😉

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      1. It certainly makes sense Nikki. I listened to Dr John Demartini a lot last year when I was in my deepest puddle of ‘what next’ and he says the ‘shoulds’ we talk of are other people’s expectations dictating how we must live OUR life. Do it your way and do your ‘mental time’ any way that make you feel happy.
        Then, it can never be a ‘waste’.
        Thank you too for your lovely reply.
        Hugs to you 🌸🌸


  7. Wasn’t I just talking to you the other day about how I don’t make meditation a priority? I was actually thinking “I don’t have time to meditate” but I realized that was bullshit, so I changed my phrasing, haha.


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