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This is the 3rd installment of ‘Penguin Personified’.  Each month I’ll put the spotlight on a blog that I think rocks, but also walks the walk so to speak. My mission here at Flying Through Water is to create a world of Penguins! Before you click away because you think I’ve clearly lost it….Click the link and see if you can buy into what I’m selling: Welcome To Flying Through Water

The readers digest version:

Penguins have little stubby legs. So short that they have to waddle about.  As we all know…they march hundreds of miles on those little buggers. They do the best they can with what they have.  They also have wings, but they can’t fly. Why? Because their little wings are stubby too.

But here’s the thing…here’s the magic.  Put that same waddling-no flying-penguin in the water and she SOARS!  Watching a penguin swim is like watching her fly through water. THIS is where that little one excels.  She makes due in some areas using sheer determination…because that’s life…but she has found her place to shine.

Flying Through Water is a reminder that we all have greatness inside us. We just have to find it.  The goal of this blog is to challenge ME…and YOU to shake things up….break free of our comfort zones and LIVE our lives to fullest.


This month I want to talk about Miriam over at Out an’ About. Do you know Miriam? If not….you are missing out, but I’m so happy to be the one to introduce her!

Miriam is someone I feel lucky to call a friend. I met her early on when I was still blogging at another location. She and I share many of the same thoughts and were experiencing many of the same emotions when we met.  We certainly found each other in this big old world at the perfect time.

She is a phenomenal photographer and has been having a love affair with the great outdoors (in the GREAT Outback… by the way) for most of her life. She shares her adventures through imagery but also by sharing her deepest thoughts with us. She will inspire you…motivate you…and get you thinking.

Take me for example. I am not an outdoorsy girl. I mean I love to sit on a patio with a beverage…feet up….taking in the fresh air.  As long as it’s not too hot, or too cold…or too windy…and of course…no bugs allowed.

BUT after reading a post from Miriam I’m so pumped up…I actually believe I could handle a ‘walkabout’…set up camp in the wilderness….or even possibly COOK on an open fire! THAT is impressive! She makes you feel alive and she will definitely make you crave adventure!

She shares so much with us on Out an’ About. She is open and loving and so honest to goodness real it will make you feel understood. That’s a real gift.

She has supported and encouraged me from day one and I see her name all over WordPress doing the same for countless others.

She is a penguin personified because she continues to seek out more in life. She consistently pushes herself out of her comfort zone and then shares that with US! That is walking the penguin talk!

Thank you Miriam for being a Penguin and for inspiring those of us lucky enough to know you. You are such an important part of this community and who knows…maybe someday we can go on a walkabout together….or ya know…sit on a patio…feet up……

I hope you will all take the time to check out Out an’ About!! You will be so thankful that you did.

Thanks for reading~



36 thoughts on “Penguin Personified – Out an’ About

  1. Aw Nikki, I’m so incredibly touched and, dare I say it, am writing this with tears rolling down my penguin cheeks. Thank you so much, my lovely friend, for your very kind words here. You know I feel the same way about you. How lucky are we to be part of this amazing community. Thank you. xo

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    1. YOU are amazing Miri and I’m so glad that you liked this post. I think every person with internet should be reading your blog! I am so grateful to have found it and even more grateful to call you my friend. We certainly are lucky to be a part of this wonderful community and this community is lucky to have you. ❤

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  2. Reblogged this on Out an' About and commented:
    It’s not every day I get called a Penguin Personified! So I was delighted and incredibly touched today to find myself featured on Nikki’s new site Flying through Water. I first connected with Nikki at A Kinder Way and immediately warmed to her generous and kind hearted personality.. Do yourself a favor and visit her, she always inspires with down to earth, honest writing we can all relate to. I feel incredibly blessed to be part of such an amazing and supportive community of writers and now, it seems, Nikki’s world of penguins!

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  3. Hello Nikki,
    A perfect choice. I know Miriam through her blog and another platform too. She is most certainly all you described and has been utterly generous with me in my journey. Congratulations dear Miriam. Yes, everyone should read her blog…❤

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  4. What a wonderful tribute to you, Miriam!😀❤️All so true – you’re always inspiring, sharing, uplifting. So glad to have met you here on WP, it is the great sense of community that makes blogging unique! Also lovely to ‘meet’ you, Nikki!

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  5. What a great concept for a blog! I love your analogy about penguins. Miriam is definitely deserving of this recognition. I’m with you – no outdoor fires and definitely no bugs, but she does have a way of inspiring with her photographs and writing that makes me almost want to take up camping. And of course, I find so much inspiration for life at her site.


  6. Perfect Penguin choice Nikki!! Miri is an amazing woman as are her photos and words of inspiration. Each post always resonates with me and I always feel uplifted after reading one. She has a beautiful soul and you are right, I too see her leaving her sweet words of kindness all around our community. Glad to have met you through Miri!! What a wonderful idea you have here. I have seen documentaries on penguins and know just what you mean about how they soar through the water, they are amazing. Wishing you a penguin kind of day too! 🙂

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    1. This made me laugh right out loud!!! You don’t know this but one of my sons favorite ways to playfully pick on me is to pull his arms in his shirt and just leave his hands out and imitate me. He says I have t-rex arms. 😉 He’s not wrong. 😉


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