Posts of Note – Week 9


Hello All! Β It’s time for Posts of Note! I’m a day late and I have no excuse except that I’m still trying to figure this new schedule thing out…well loooook at that…I did have an excuse. πŸ˜›

I am behind on everything including blog reading. But these are some of the awesome posts I read this week and I hope that you will enjoy them.

If you find yourself on this list and would rather not be…let me know and I will remove your link


A Bum Without A Beach:Β Nikki Can’t Play

Out an’ About: Lessons from a Lamb

EssenCentral: Energy 101: Grounding

A Woman. Her Dog. their Journey: Take Heed

Watching the Daisies:Β Rocks and Rock Pools

Cyranny’s Cove: I Sought Out

Big and Pinky Toes: Mommy, Can You Stop Being Mad?

Harsh Reality:Β A House Divided

Happy Reading!


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