Affirmations – Weekly Draw 3/27


Hello all! I thought I’d share something pretty personal with you this week and if you enjoy it, I’d make it a regular thing.  I’ve talked a lot about my beliefs in the power of thought and my love of affirmations.  What you’ll find below is my weekly affirmation process.  It works for me, but is certainly not the only way to utilize these cards. That’s what’s so great about them! You can use them however you see fit. So let’s take a look!

I started out with just one set of affirmation cards, (I Can Do It) but after a killer sale at Hay House, I bought 3 more sets! Yup…I went a little wild. 🙂


The first two sets are similar in that they are written by Louise Hay and they cover a lot of ground. Anything you can think of.  There is a message on each side that goes hand and hand. The artwork is different, but both sets are beautiful and the messages are similar. (I’m partial to the Wisdom cards because I prefer the art, but again…very similar) The Money Attraction cards are from the Hicks. You may know them from The Secret. These cards have a short affirmation on the front with artwork and then a longer, in depth description on the back. They are lovely. Lastly, the Messages from your spirit animal cards are from Steven D. Farmer and they (again) have a short description on the front, but the set comes with a tiny book that fits in the box that gives a lot more detail about each card. These are less affirmation and more…something to think about when it comes to the way you handle your business…and how you may want to be treated or viewed by those around you.

So I lay out the decks, and take them one by one into my hands. I close my eyes and shuffle them or play with them and when I like the feel of the one…or if one happens to jump out onto my lap…That’s my card.


Here are the ones I got this week.


Closer look. As you can see, the 2 on the right have a similar message which just so happens to be an issue I struggle with.


Lastly, I stick them to the wall behind my desk so that I can see them every day. They serve as a gentle reminder to direct energy and thought towards these things all week.

That’s the process I follow and it works for me. If I feel like I haven’t quite gotten the message, I’ll keep one out for more than a week and there have been times when the same card will pop up 2 weeks in a row…I figure the Universe knows I didn’t quite get it so it’s giving me another go…but for the most part I get new cards each week.

I also have my daily calendar as you can see in that last picture (Louise Hay). And I have my personal daily affirmations that I keep close to my heart.

I believe that by using affirmations in all of these ways, I am surrounding myself with positivity and light. It’s not something I view as a cure all…it’s something I find fun and uplifting and it fits into my lifestyle effortlessly.

Are you a lover of affirmations? Do you use them in your day to day life? Care to share your process? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

Happy Monday and here’s to an awesome week!


42 thoughts on “Affirmations – Weekly Draw 3/27

  1. I am really good at using words, quotes, etc to uplift others but not so good when it comes to uplifting myself. I don’t know if daily affirmations would work for me but definitely could not hurt. I think the ones pictured here fit you to a tee! I’m in a weird place in my head right now, I should go and read a whole bunch of these. 😉 💚U.

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    1. LOL I am into the minimalist thing. I used to be a pile maker and I’d think things were cleaned up. But I found for my anxiety…the minimalist thing works best. 🙂 I love Louise. She and i don’t agree on everything, but she is the person who inspired me to change my life and I always go back to her when things get murky.


  2. I have a Louse Hay book, something I blogged about in a book review this year. I look at this from time to time, which has positive affirmations inside. This was a gift from a friend and she has this book too. Depending what I write on my blog post, she may see a quote that she is reading and email me with the page and why she thought of it, to send positive things my way.

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  3. Yay! I love this Nikki ❤ You are such an inspiration. Sending love and blessings to you and for all your affirmations this week.

    I pick angel cards on most days & put them up in my office. I also do affirmations when I run. And I have one on my phone!

    Loving to you Nikki. Great post -Debbie

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  4. I do something similar. I titally beliece un afgurmations, gratitude and the power if positive thinking. And the biggest if all is implement it in your life and get into the depth if the words.. wgat it means , what do i need to change to improve, to do i put this in mylife… then these add valve.

    I enjoyed this post and reasonate deeply with it

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  5. These look really cool! I’m really into affirmations but have never really made an effort to write them down. I think I’ll have to do that now!

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    1. That’s awesome!! One thing I read about was from High Carb Hannah (You Tuber) and she talked about writing down all of her affirmation about what she wanted in life and then each morning she read them out loud. She said it changed her life. 🙂

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  6. Yay! I love this, Nikki! I work with affirmations that I intuitively create for myself, but have never considered picking up a deck with them. I’m also a lover of Louise Hay, so I’m going to look into these! As far as decks go, right now I’m using the Wisdom of the Oracle Deck and Carolyn Myss’ Archetype Deck. This is an awesome idea, btw. I may just start doing this on my blog, too – of course, if it’s okay with you! 🙂 thank you so much for sharing!

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      1. Yes! Same! It’s such a fun tool to use to connect with the Universe – and ourselves as well 🙂 I did a 5 card spread last night for the New Moon and it was so fitting that I actually cried! It’s not often I resonate so deeply with my readings that I have a visceral reaction. Powerful stuff! Sending love 💞

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  7. This is awesome Nikki!
    I’ve been thinking of dabbling in creating my own set one day. I’ve been a follower of the setting of intentions especially from last year.
    It’s great to see how you use these gorgeous little packs and what benefits you gain.
    Great post. Thank you 🌹🌹

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  8. These are nice cards Nikki. I not only like the messages, but I love the illustrations too! Makes them more inspiring. 🙂
    I read The Daily Bread and the Power of I AM by Joel Osteen for inspiration and motivation. It works for me!


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