The Stories We Tell Ourselves


We all do it..have them..think about them…relive them…FEEL them. The stories we tell ourselves. The good ones.  Some stored in perfection, each tiny morsel so yummy in it’s goodness, treasured and protected in complete clarity. Some remembered and re-told with a sprinkle of ‘fish tale’ that we may or may not even realize we’re adding.

And some, so painful and so gut-wrenchingly real we wish more than anything that we could forget them.

We carry these stories around inside of us…day after day, year after year. We hold on to them and believe them and possibly without ever knowing it allow them to create who we are.

Those stories affect our lives, our relationships, our successes, our dreams and our desires. They can make us change the course we are on. Blow up beautiful moments and ruin opportunities that are laid at our feet.

So why do we allow this?

I can’t speak for anyone else, but rewriting my story is hard. Challenging the deep seated beliefs I have about myself is down in the dirt, digging with my bare fingers hard.

It takes bravery and consistency and the decision to open yourself up with a pure vulnerability that is scary as hell.

But it’s necessary.

I have a plan for more. More what? It doesn’t matter. Most people want more out life than they have. It could be, peace, happiness, money, time, love, freedom….it really doesn’t matter what the more is attached to. It’s just ‘more’.

To get to my place of ‘more’ I have to heal and grow and then re-write the stories I tell myself.  I think we all do. Each one of us has some ‘thing’ we believe about ourselves that is simply not true. But until we change that internal belief we are never going to be free of that story.

The work is hard…but the reward?  Oh. Just think of the stories you’ll have to tell after.


41 thoughts on “The Stories We Tell Ourselves

  1. You’re right Nikki. Most of us have this ideal version of our selves- our own fairy tale…it’s up to us if we’re gonna use it to inspire us accept our flaws and transform ourselves for the better; or if we’re going to continue to deny it and force ourselves to believe what isn’t real…I agree with you, all healing and transformation starts with self-acceptance! ☺❤

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      1. Yes, I agree. What we believed in before may not necessarily work for us anymore…so it’s best to let go and embrace new ones that are true to us and work for us!


  2. Great post! I truly do agree that it is hard to re-write your story, especially when it’s been saturated with strong beliefs, experiences, and ways of thinking. I’m trying to do the same. But it definitely helps to rehearse new things about yourself or your situation. Counter the negative when it happens with positive words/thoughts. It probably going to take a lot of repetitiveness to get this done but it’ll eventually become engrained. But our story is what makes us who we are, so while we should keep writing new chapters, never forget the old ones that taught us a lesson. 😊

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    1. Totally agree!! You really nailed it. I like your use of the word ‘rehearse’ because that’s what it is. We have to combat the old beliefs with new ones each time and that takes time! Keeping parts of our story in tact is vital to being true to who we are. For sure! Thank you for this enlightening comment! ❤

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  3. But our story is what makes us who we are, so while we should keep writing new chapters, never forget the old ones that taught us a lesson. […] I’ve been thinking a lot about vulnerability and even wrote about it in a post this week: The Stories We Tell Ourselves […]

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    1. Hi Mary! Yes. Agreed. I am speaking more about the ones that don’t fit. The parts that we hang on to that are not true to who we are. It’s ok to let those beliefs go and re-build or re-write those beliefs to fit who we are. 🙂


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