Penguin Ponderings – Brene Brown


When I saw this quote today I wanted to shout it from the rooftops. Since that wouldn’t be very productive or safe for me with my short little legs…I will shout it out here.

I’ve been thinking a lot about vulnerability and even wrote about it in a post this week: The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Being vulnerable, even sometime just with ourselves, is ridiculously hard. If you’ve been let down or unsupported in the past when you’ve entrusted someone with that vulnerability…well that makes it even harder.

No one wants to feel exposed. It’s not a good feeling, but if we give a voice to those things that make us feel vulnerable, the vulnerability shifts into something so powerful.

Those moments of true, raw, unabashed vulnerability….the ones where we sort of open our soul up and stake claim to all that we are….those moments…they change lives.

Our own for sure. But the potential to affect others lives runs SO deep. Your truth. Your experiences. Your fears. Your vulnerabilities…. can help others.

Your voice, your beautiful, vulnerable voice can make others feel understood….supported…included and just a little less alone.

Not to forget, to ever truly be in a place of peace and happiness we have to be vulnerable. We have to take the risk.

I’m not suggesting that it’s necessary to run down the street naked…but you can share a little part of your story… that you don’t normally share, with someone you trust. Just a tiny little piece will get the job done over time. Try it. Dip your toe in and see how it feels.  Inch my inch you can become an unstoppable force.

Thanks for reading~


33 thoughts on “Penguin Ponderings – Brene Brown

  1. Thank you for this post Nikki! Such inspirational…we do need to he vulnerable and put our guards down at some point in our lives, and let others embrace us with all that we are. Only then can we feel truly accepted which is satisfying and liberating! ❤☺

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  2. It seems that I have also been writing about vulnerability in my recent poems. It’s a tough space to live in but I think once you’ve worked through it you become a better person. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  3. Hello Nikki!
    Such a gorgeous post and I love your thoughts on why it’s important to be vulnerable… for each other.
    I’m also a huge Brene fan.
    Thank you 🌸🌟


    1. Another quick note….when I click on your avatar or your blog address next to your avatar ( it takes me to a page that says that domain name is for sale. My best guess is that you may need to add the full URL like this ( for the link to work. I know WordPress has a great help section where you can chat if you need help with that. This happened to me in the beginning and a kind blogger told me about it and helped me fix the link so people could get to my blog. 😉 🙂


  4. Thank You for this post! Just what I needed in a time where I’m taking the most vulnerable parts of me and sharing them for the sake of others….Giving those parts of us the we fear voices is so important…You have a beautiful light!!


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