Embrace Your Power


I’ve been on this track of self-care and self awareness for awhile now. Periodically I have these moments that I call a-ha moments. I had one the other day and that is what I want to share with you.  In our lives we are taught who we are. We start learning who we are at a very young age. We learn this from our parents, our families, our teachers, our friends and sometimes even perfect strangers.

These things become a part of who we are. We take them on as truths…not opinions. As we get older, a lot of us get to a point where we can separate some of the blatant, crappy opinions from fact. So we are left with this pile of facts…about who we are.

But facts are not always facts.

Hopefully when you are in deep self reflection you see your strengths. I know you know your ‘weaknesses’….but hopefully, you know your strengths as well.

What if some of those ‘weaknesses’ that you carry around were actually your most powerful assets?

What if?

What if the very thing you wish you could change about yourself is actually something so valuable you should treasure it?

I’ll use me as an example. 🙂

I’ve been labeled as sensitive and emotional. Words that when used in a certain tone describe me as weak.  Think about it. When you hear:

Why are you being so emotional?  OR There is no need to be so sensitive!

It turns those words into very negative things.

But why? Who makes that rule?  Who chooses?

The definition of these two words are not negative.

Emotionalsubject to or easily affected by emotion (any of the feelings of joy, sorrow, fear, hate, love, etc.)

Sensitive: having acute mental or emotional sensibility; aware of and responsive to the feelings of others. 

The other day during my a-ha moment I realized that a lifetime of looking at 2 of my biggest traits as a burden, was long enough.

Being emotional and sensitive are gifts. I am able to feel things deeply that others may not even notice. I have insights that others may not even contemplate. I think about things in my own way and that way is inspired by emotion and sensitivity.

Do I feel pain too deeply sometimes?  Yes. Do I take on things that are not mine to carry? Yes. Are my feelings more volatile and my reactions more intense than the average persons? Yes.

But I’m also intuitive to others….like my husband, son and friends. I’m compassionate and empathetic and I truly have a drive to support and understand.

I FEEL my way through life.

Why would I ever not want that?

The very things that I’ve looked at as weaknesses are in fact the things that have made me the person I am today.  From that a-ha moment on, I will embrace my power in emotion and sensitivity. No more shame…only gratitude for the gifts I’m lucky to call mine.


Will you embrace your power?


50 thoughts on “Embrace Your Power

  1. Very nice. You are wise to see your so-called weaknesses as attributes. Sometimes I think we do a lot of harm to ourselves by listening to others and their ideas of what our failings are as if their perception were better than ours.

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    1. As if for sure. 🙂 I think it’s easier to believe the bad stuff and even that the good stuff is bad. It’s all opinion and while they are entitled and may even be correct sometimes…they are no replacement for what we know about ourselves. Thank you so much for the comment. 🙂

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  2. Yes, yes and yes! You could have been writing about me Nikki. These are two words that I’ve often been described as too and so often they’re labelled as negative. But they’re not and you’re so right Nikki. We need to embrace who we are and embrace the power that these qualities bring. Thank you for this. Such a great way to start my Wednesday. xo

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  3. You are so right about this post Nikki! Oftentimes, what we think as our weakness are actually strengths in disguise! You’ve explained it perfectly well on this post. Only when we learn to accept what seems as our “flaw” can we truly transform it into something that benefit ourselves and others. Thank you for sharing your wonderful insight! 🙂

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  4. Yes!!! So powerfully written Nikki! I love how you turned those negative statements into positive. You’re absolutely right when you said that we often grow up thinking that the opinions and statements of others are fact. But as you said, not all facts are facts. I struggle with this also, especially coming out of a verbally abusive home with my parents. Like you, I’m learning to pinpoint the great things about myself and focus there. Perfect post! Thanks so much for sharing 😊

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  5. Hi there, Nikki 🙂

    This post really spoke to me, because it seems we have been granted very similar super-powers… And I agree with you that it is important to learn to appreciate the positive side of them, and to embrace the gift they represent.

    BUT, I’d like to add that I also consider I have to learn how to use them wisely. Being very emotional and sensitive often translates into one word (at least it does for me)…. Intense. And intense can be hard to handle for not so intense people… So, sometimes I feel like I need to master something like Cyclope’s special glasses (I hope you know X-men, otherwise the comparison will totally suck!! :P)… To take all the potential of my super powers, and use it wisely, instead of leaving a wreck around me LOL

    I hope this made sense… If not, blame it on my French roots…. Yes, my intense French roots… LOL

    Have a great day 🙂 xx

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    1. I do know who Cyclops is 🙂 and this made perfect sense although it’s a lot easier said than done (most of the time.) and for the record I’m French too….of the Canadian persuasion…on my Dad’s side. 😉


  6. I am okay with being emotional and sensitive. People say it like it is a bad thing sometimes but it isn’t. It is a very good thing. And I am okay with it. It is who I am, who I have always been and I don’t have any plans to change. I like who I am and I like who you are.

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  7. I’m a Pisces as well as an empath, so those words are “labels” that I have lived with my entire life. I have found that people that do not see and feel as deeply as I do often use those words in a negative way because they often do not understand or know how to personally deal with the depth of my emotions.

    It took me nearly 40 years to finally see them as gifts and not curses. It’s nice to see that there are others out there that feel more deeply than the average person and know how to value it as the gifts they truly are!

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    1. I’m a Pisces too. ❤ I agree with everything you said here. It's hard for people to understand the level of emotion I can feel and I actually understand that! 😉 I get it. I just won't apologize or feel bad about it anymore. It took me a long time to get here as well and I'm finally at a place where I feel more and more comfortable in my own skin and see myself in a much better light than I ever have.

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  8. Thank you, Nikki. These are the two words that have plagued me much of my life – and blessed me, too. The most difficult part for me has been learning when I can share these feelings freely and when to keep them to myself. Once I get that straight, it’s a good life ❤

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  9. Excellent a-ha moment.. our so called weakness as dicateted by othersare out strenghts. They make us who we are. We are unique and these are good qualities… i too an sensitive , emotional, caring and kind. I give fully.

    I say to myself often,thats me and i am good…itis ehat makes my character and it is what makes me, me. If others wanna label…label away for i refuse to see myself that way ..wasted too many years in my 20’s ..on that. It stop you from being you and stops you from living a full life.. i am kind and caring and proud of it..but it dont make me a door mat either. My vision and character are clear.

    Thank you for this great post.


  10. Agree. Being sensitive and emotional are not weaknesses. If they were, I would be at the top of the list 😁 I think it’s best to explore our own minds to know who we really are rather than being dependent on others feedback. They may not realise the impact of their words.

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    1. I don’t think they do. I think they think it’s ‘cute’ or possibly even irritating. I’ve been accused of being dramatic. 😉 I wouldn’t change my traits if I could. I’d never want to give up feeling things the way I do just so others could be more comfortable with my emotions. 🙂

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      1. Same here. I would get questions like ‘why are you so sensitive?’ and other similar kinds. ‘Well, I’m sorry but if rather be sensitive than not’ is what I tell them.


  11. I was in therapy the first time I was told I was sensitive and emotional. I took it as an insult because I had been raised to believe you had to be strong and unemotional. But my therapist gave me the same explanation that you gave here and I embraced it. I feel so much better knowing that I AM strong for being sensitive and emotional, and that these things are not a deficit.

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    1. I’m so glad to that you have been told that in the past. I used to have a spiritual guide (sort of like a mentor) who asked me why I would ever want to cage up a piece of me. I told her it was because I wanted to be described as peaceful and calm instead of intense and emotional. She just looked at me and said why? I don’t know why that resonated with me, but it did. She really couldn’t understand why I’d want to bury who I am. I’m glad she planted that seed. 🙂

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      1. It is like a super power now. Being sensitive and emotional, are such good things. I’m much happier this way, than I was trying to always be strong. 🙂


  12. I totally understand about being an empath, how sensitive and emotional we can get. I’m the same way. I cry when I get angry, sad, happy, etc. I especially hate it when I tear up while I’m mad because it comes across as if I’m not mad when I’m livid as can be at times. I’ve learned to live with this empathetic lifestyle, but as I’m getting older, I’m also learning how not to care about the little things. This has taken a lot for me to get here. But, I thank the cruel world for this. And honestly, these traits have made me a stronger person because of what I’ve dealt with in the past. I may get emotional about whatever I go through, but I learn and get stronger from it. I’m glad you’ve embraced your sensitive and emotional side. There’s nothing wrong with that or you. I’ve always thought of others who didn’t feel the same way, why or what was wrong with them to not care?

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    1. I totally relate to this comment Angie. I was reading it and at the end of each sentence I was nodding my head harder and harder. Thank you so much for sharing this. I’m working hard to not let the little things ruffle my feathers. I still struggle with this at times, but I can see the leaps and bounds I’ve made in that area. ❤

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  13. Hi Nikki!
    I couldn’t agree more with this post. It’s awesome and I’m also very sensitive and have lived a life of ‘too’ everything.
    I also wrote about accepting our perceived weaknesses in a post and it was so therapeutic. Turning them into gifts is the thing that many people actually appreciate about ourselves now✨ At last…
    Thank you… a beautiful post 🌹🌟


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