Be Like A Tree – Rumi


This quote from Rumi makes me let out a great big sigh…and then leaves me with a smile on my face. It’s such a lovely message. We all need a gentle reminder from time to time to let go of the things that no longer serve us.

How many of us are holding onto things that we no longer need. We carry our dead leaves (i.e baggage) around with us for many reasons. I think the biggest ones tend to be a fear of the work involved in really letting our leaves drop… or sometimes it’s just out of habit because we’ve carried them for so long.

Rumi’s message makes it seem so simple.  Can it possibly be THAT simple?

I think the choice to let go is pretty simple.  There will be work involved after…because without it we will end up raking all those leaves up and carrying them around in big old garbage bags…not a pleasant imagine is it?

But the choice is so very simple.

Free yourself or continue to be caged.

Be like a tree!


22 thoughts on “Be Like A Tree – Rumi

  1. I’ve spent a good bit of time in the past few years, since inheriting a house and contents, not to mention rather a lot of stuff I brought with me (pack rat tendencies may be genetic) sorting through stuff. Some of those dead leaves are easy to drop, obvious even (bank statements from the 1970s >>> shredder), some are harder, and some we are just not ready to let go of, like dried flowers pressed in a book (letters from a long ago love >>>> scan to the hard drive, then shred). Maybe there are things that are roots rather than leaves, those we keep. Rumi is always a good starting point.

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  2. Awesome, Nikki ❤ Thank you. I hadn't heard of this Rumi quote! One of my steps in my forgiving process is letting go. Sooo important. Maybe it really just is as simple as dropping it (and not picking it up again). Much loving – have a great weekend. ~Debbie

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