Posts Of Note Week 11

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Welcome to Post of Note…a (normally) weekly wrap up of  some of my favorite posts of the week and hopefully an introduction for you…to some awesome bloggers!  I missed a week or is it 2? So we’lljust overlook some of the dates huh? 🙂

If you find yourself on this list and would prefer not to be please let me know and I will remove your link. 🙂

Happy Reading!

A Bum Without A Beach: Broken

Out an’ About: Learning to Fly

Of Cabbages and Kings: We Are Stories

Dream Big, Dream Often: Sometimes You Gotta Put Your Head Down And Work Hard(er)

The Wisdom of a Woman’s Heart: Are You Making Your Life an Adventure?

Oxygen 4 The Journey: Don’t Judge Me

Cyranny’s Cove: My Crazy Brains

A Note To Huguette: Time and Place



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