Things may look a little weird around here.

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Hello! I’m still technically on my blogging break but I’ve been quite inspired these last few weeks and I plan on making some changes around here. For 2 years I’ve spent more time thinking about blogging than just about anything else. I love blogging and I love the amazing people I’ve met while blogging…you can’t beat this community!

All that said, I was getting burnt out.  During a lot of deep thought and reflection I came to understand that I was putting far too much pressure on myself to blog as often as I was. Most days I spent over half my day blogging. It took me away from other things I want to spend my time doing. Writing my book, practicing yoga, reading and a lot of other hobbies too.

So when I return in June I’ll be taking things a little slower. The message will be the same….Living our life to the fullest and embracing our inner penguin through kindness, motivation, support, encouragement and mental health.  I’m just going to move at the pace of a penguin not a gazelle!

Before that…things may look a little different if you pop in. It’s time for a Summer make-over.  Maybe I’ll add a pool or hot tub??

So mark your calendars for my Make-Over Meet and Greet on June 2nd through the 4th and until then…

Thanks for Reading!


19 thoughts on “Things may look a little weird around here.

  1. YIPPEE! Go, Nikki! This completely makes sense to me, and I am SO glad that you are consciously creating a life that works for you. What a good example for the rest of us, certainly me! ❤ May I just say, I appreciate YOU!!

    Much love and hugs,

    ps – I'm doing a women's forgiveness group today called "Making Peace with Myself". So glad I saw this before I am holding it. Just puts my heart in the right place.


  2. It’s perfectly okay to move at the pace of a penguin instead of a gazelle! Speaking from experience, I told myself when I’d originally started blogging that I would commit to writing exactly one post each week. It’s far less stressful that way, as it gives me sufficient time to write a quality post (quality over quantity, for sure!), and it helps prevent burnout. Definitely a win-win. 🙂

    Enjoy your break!!!


  3. This is a smart move Nikki! I get what you mean about getting burnt-out. Blogging is supposed to be fun and cathartic, not stressful- so it’s totally fine to take it slow. 🙂 Can’t wait for your new blog make-over. I’m sure it’ll be another fantastic one!

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  4. Good for you, Nikki!!!! I hope you have some tremendous rest 🙂 I love that even when you step away from blogging to recoup it is still a reminder that life is about balance and the importance of self care (so even when you aren’t here you still are teaching us a whole bunch!).


  5. Hello Nikki,
    It all sounds like a positive decision for you, as this is meant to be enjoyable, but as you say, not at the expense of your other loves. And I’m I’m fascinated to learn about your book when the time to reveal is right…
    I don’t seem to receive email alerts about your posts so I’ll have to look into that…
    Go you!
    Hug from Di 💐💕


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