Call Your Shot. (Weekly Intentions 6/5)


Each Sunday I pull cards from 4 different affirmation decks.  I shuffle the cards and wait for the one that wants to make itself known. I look at these cards as little nudges from the universe to help me focus on things that add value to my life.

I’ve written in detail about these decks HERE and HERE

My favorite thing that happens (and it happens quite frequently) is when there is a running theme with the 4 cards. This week the theme is quite apparent.


Building confidence in my strengths.

I’ve often struggled with owning my power. My greatest weakness is my fear of appearing weak.  It makes me put up walls, it dictates my reactions. It makes me protect myself when there is no need for protection. It changes the way I view certain things and interactions.

But only if I allow it to.

This week is full of intentions surrounding my own power. My power to build a life of balance. My power to say yes to my deepest desires and then yes to the work those desires entail. My power to stop settling and start doing.

What are your intentions this week?

Happy Monday!


14 thoughts on “Call Your Shot. (Weekly Intentions 6/5)

  1. This rather reminds me of Tarot. I do like using that regularly to give me a bit of focus and affirmation. No idea if it actually works on the magic level or not, but it certainly makes a pleasing mindfulness technique.

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    1. Oh I love Tarot. I’m a complete sucker for it. I think the magic lies in our thoughts no matter what. If there is real magic in the Tarot…great! If not, it gets us thinking about our life and focusing in on something we probably desire which in the end gives it power. ❤

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  2. I’m afraid my intentions for this week are rather prosaic – mainly, getting the car fixed – that’s the big one. Other than that, I can’t at the moment think of any much beyond the usual day-to-day.

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    1. Well that’s ok Bob! I hope the car fixin goes smoothly. Steve just sat at the shop for over an hour just to get an oil change. Seems a tad long to me. He was totally bummed about not being at work and instead playing on his phone though. Poor guy 😉 😉

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  3. Love this Nikki! I am sending so many blessings to your intentions. My intentions this week are to live in joy, trust the inner guidance within me, take care of myself and be of loving service for the greatest good. Thank you for asking.

    My spiritual teacher John-Roger has some great quotes on intention — one of which is that intention is the direction we want to follow. I really love this. It’s like I have a positive direction toward goodness!!!

    I love you. Please give Steve a big smile for me. And have a great week, Nikki. Hope your Meet and Greet was AWESOME!
    Blessings, ❤ Debbie

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    1. Thank you Debbie. I love that…..’intention is the direction we want to follow’. Just fantastic! Thank you for sharing that with me. ❤ I hope you have a beautiful week! How was your weekend? Did you have a good time?

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      1. Oh Nikki, I had an amazing time! I climbed a mountain (with the help of my partner). I spent time tuning inside. I was around nature and quiet. Whew. Really good. I hope you had a wonderful weekend too! Love and blessings ❤ Debbie


  4. My plan for this week is to concentrate on studying! I’ve got an exam coming up in a few weeks and lots to prepare. I’ve got to complete and schedule a few blog posts in advance so that it doesn’t interfere with my studies! So yes, not a very exciting week at all. 😂

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