Posts of Note Week 12


It’s been several weeks since I’ve posted one of my favorite posts to post. Say that 3 times fast. 🙂 It’s time for Posts of Note. Each week  (uhhh…normally anyway) I share some of my most favorite posts from other bloggers.  I hope you take it as a compliment, but if for some reason you would rather not have your link here, let me know and I’ll remove it.

So grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine….and check out these awesome bloggers. ❤

Out an’ About: Zumba, Friends and Good Vibe in June

SpiritualJourney17: Karma is a Bitch

Forgiving Journal: Letting Go Of Blame

How To Have Tourette’s: So OCD

A Cornered Gurl: 16 Words: A Spell

Watching the Daisies: Colour Your Day

Peace from Panic: Pay Attention

L.A. Lancaster: Frogs Hollow

Cyranny’s Cove: Skipping Stones

Waggy Tails: Is It Just Me?



11 thoughts on “Posts of Note Week 12

  1. Hello – I started following your blog, but now have somehow been getting 30 or 40 emails a day from you. I tried to cancel subscription, but somehow you have several different emails of mine! Please, please, please stop sending me ANY MORE emails. I go to WordPress and ot does not show those as bollowing you. Don;t know what’s going on, but maybe you’ve been hacked. Please remove all subscription notifications, or else I will have to stop following you! My name is Victoria Chames and some of the emails you have been spamming are: rightmind at mail dot com vc at victoriachames dot com contact at darkhorsepress dot com contact at victoriachames dot com PLEASE MAKE IT STOP.

    Thank you. I’ve been messed with by hackerd too, and you may have to start over with a new URL and site. Be very careful when you transfer anything to the new site. There should be a piece of code inserted for every submitted email. I’m surprised wordpress doesn’t have it?

    It’s this: SpamBot script: for Contact Us / MailTo links:

    This goes on any page where you have an email link (or ”mailto:” box) Place this bit of code in your page code, after the and before the It prevents robots from “harvesting” your email addresses and selling them to spammers.

    The variables you type in for each e-address are the ones below in COLOR. That is the address you’re protecting. If more than one email is on the page, use a copy of the code for each one, with it’s own email address words typed in.

    <!– var name = “someonesEmailname”; var domain = “"; document.write('‘); document.write(name + ‘@’ + domain + ‘‘); // –></script>


    1. I’m really sorry to read this. I certainly understand if you need to unfollow.

      I am speaking with WP customer service and they think you may have subscribed to comments on my blog. That would explain the amount of notifications you’re getting.

      The info given to me from WordPress:

      She can visit and click on Comments tab.

      Comments tab lists all the comments she is subscribed to.

      She also can unsubscribe to the comments from that page.

      Again, I apologize and please know that I am not sending any emails personally. It’s all through wordpress and is totally automated.


  2. Nikki, thank you!! I so appreciate you sharing my blog in your Posts of Note. What a great line up of bloggers. I really enjoyed reading their posts – and yours too. Have a wonderful rest of your week, and again thank you. I am so touched. ~Debbie


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