Doubt and Dreams – Suzy Kassem



****I wrongly gave credit for this quote to someone else initially. My sincere apologizes to Suzy Kassem. Suzy shared this quote in her book ‘Rise Up and Salute the Sun’*****

I want to write a book. I have it laid out in my mind so clearly. I know what it all looks like. But in the corners of that dream, doubt and fear sit and watch. They are like the tag-team champs of my world. Doubt will creep in and then WHAM…fear takes hold and freezes me up. Normally I take a step back at this point. I wait to…unfreeze. I start over. Back to the safety of my drawing board. I kid myself with thoughts of ‘thinking it through’ a bit more before starting. I doubt my voice. I doubt my ability.  I doubt my work ethic. I doubt my very own worthiness.

The last time the doubt crept in I looked at it. I gave it just enough time for fear to pounce….but I did not freeze. I didn’t stop. I kept looking at the dream. Focusing on the dream.  I gave that doubt and fear the 1-2 punch. First (a quick left jab) I shook that shit off and remembered who I am. I am tough! I am smart! I am worthy of all that I’m willing to work for. Then a quick right cross of….Now! I am doing this now.

So no more waiting. No more stopping. No more allowing fear and that dreaded doubt to control me. I’ll give this all I have and in the end when the book is written I can sit back and know I tried.

Do you let doubt stop you from following your dreams?

Happy Thursday!



This is my contribution to Forgiving Fridays

45 thoughts on “Doubt and Dreams – Suzy Kassem

    1. You just made my day! Thank you so much.
      Yes. I’ve heard that saying as well and I actually my husband and I were talking about that very thing this past weekend. I’m not sure why anyone would be scared of being successful but it’s a real fear. Strange really huh? ❤


      1. From start to finish about a year and a half. But I probably thought about it and ordered my thoughts for year before that. I published through Westbow Press. They were awesome! A little pricey, but I really appreciate their assistance, especially for the first time.

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  1. This is a great question to ponder. Does doubt stop me? Yes, sometimes it does. What keeps me committed is to know the WHY of what I am doing. Why did I pick this? Why is it important to me? Why does finishing this matter? Hey, I think I am going to write a poem about this topic. You have inspired me. Sharing with others is so powerful!!!
    Nikki, keep kicking doubt to the curb. You have something to say. Keep writing until you are complete with what you have to share with the world.

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  2. Go Nikki!! When I wrote my novel, I just focused on writing a given number of pages everyday. Just a couple of pages ( 2 or 3 if my memory is good) If I was inspired and had time, I wrote more, but I always made sure to do the minimum I had set as my goal. In no time I had 100, 200, 300 pages done!

    No dream comes without efforts being done, but it is so worth it to keep your eyes on your goal, and see it getting closer and closer to you 🙂

    Keep up the good work, and shake those doubts away!!

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    1. Thank you for sharing how you did it. I have written the intro and the beginning of chapter one this week. Not as much as I thought, but VERY happy with what I have. It’s hard to get it out when you’ve been thinking about it for so long. I made the choice to unplug and take a designated amount of time each day where it was just me and this keyboard. That helped a lot.
      Thanks for the encouragement. ❤


  3. Doubt and defeat have a way of filling up my blank screen even faster than the temptation to make sure Netflix hasn’t released the latest season of “orange is the new black” yet.
    I hope you keep kicking ass Nikki. Today you’re my role model (no pressure).

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    1. LOL No pressure. (and my screen will be filled with OITNB tonight 🙂 ) I know what you mean though Gabe. Staring at that blank screen is very intimidating. The other part that kept holding me back was thinking about ALL the pages that have to be filled and doing it ‘right’. Finally I decided to take it one page at a time and to do it MY way. I had to forget about this idea I’d been holding onto about the ‘right’ way to write.

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      1. It can get overwhelming can’t it? The fact that a successful 1000 word day means I’ll still have another 80 to go.
        For now, I’m training myself to keep blogging semi-regularly (at least once a week) just develop my skills at bit and get my writing muscles back in shape.

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    2. Me too Gabe! Funny, my spiritual mentor John-Roger did this seminar called something like “Doubt – Double Bind in a Double Mind”. ❤ Love it all really helps me a lot. Acceptance. And going for excellence, not perfection. Sending you blessings, and isn't Nikki great?!


  4. Oh Nikki, thank you so much for contributing this post to Forgiving Fridays. I am honored and touched. Your vision to write a book sounds so great and clear to me. I am your forgiveness cheerleader on your path to writing it – yay!!

    One thing that comes up to share, ok well two things! One is to be really gentle with yourself, you have such a gentle strength in you that inspires and moves your readers, and just an encouragement to give it to YOU. Also, my spiritual mentor J-R has said if we want to write a book, we need to get our buts on the chair and write. (So practical, right?) Maybe you can have your affirmations near your writing place.

    I am excited to share your post in my Forgiving Fridays for this week. YES!
    Love you Nikki. Blessings to you and Steve and Vivi,


  5. Hello Nikki,
    Congratulations on taking the first step…
    I think that must be the hardest. Just allow and if you need some inspiration to help you with your doubts, Elizabeth Gilbert has much to offer in Big Magic, magic by name and message.
    I’m so happy for you and I’m sure you will have all of us behind you. Just ‘close your eyes and go for it’ and don’t overthink yourself out of it….
    Hugs to you from Di 💕


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