Penguin Prompt – Relax


I’m pretty excited to share this with all of you! When I first started this blog I wrote a Welcome post.  In that post I shared my vision for Flying Through Water.  The last part goes like this…..

Through  Self-Help, Motivation, Challenges, Support, Encouragement and Fun, I hope to build a community of penguins! And I hope you’re one of them!

Today….9 month after writing that, I’d love to start the challenge part!

Each Friday I’ll introduce a new Penguin Prompt. This will simply be a word that you can take creative liberty with.  All I want is for you to think about the word and what it means to you…then blog about it.

It can be through poetry, art, photography, a short story, a post inspired by your thoughts on the subject or any other way you express yourself. Take the word and run with it!! Use your creative side in any way you see fit!

The following Friday I will share links to your submissions!

The rules are simple:

-Create a post inspired by the Penguin Prompt each week. (New Prompt on Friday)

-Tag your post with PenguinPrompt (If you’re not sure how to tag a post check out this article from WordPressTAGS

– Create a Pingback to this post. (Link it in your post. Directions here: Pingbacks) so that I can find your submission!

Easy peasy right?

I really hope you will participate and have fun with it. There is no right or wrong way to share your thoughts!


This week is all about the word RELAX.

As a whole, I think we struggle to allow ourselves to relax.  Many times we hear or say that we are too busy to relax.  We go go go go go all the time because in some way that is very acceptable and almost looked at as being successful.  But most of us have experienced some sort of burn out from never stopping. Relaxing is not for the lazy or uninspired.  Relaxing is not something to feel guilty about or to hide.  Self care is vital to our success in life and relaxing is one of the easiest things we can do to care for ourselves.

What are your thoughts on relaxing? I hope you’ll share them with me for this weeks Penguin Prompt!

Looking forward to your submissions!

Have fun~

Be creative~





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